Who we are

We are a live chat outsourcing company that provides dedicated live chat agents
to help e-commerce and app businesses increase sales and conversions.

How we started

One of our co-founders bootstrapped MaxCDN, a Los Angeles Content Delivery Network. Providing excellent 24/7 support was expensive and talented people who could work nights were hard to find.

Our solution was to set up offices in Eastern Europe and the Philippines. The caliber of people we found was out of this world. We first started with customer support but quickly augmented all of our teams with staff from our European and Asian offices.

Staff augmentation became our secret weapon, and we started enhancing all our teams ranging from Sales, Marketing, Development to Customer Success. Without this leverage, we would never have been able to thrive in the highly competitive CDN industry against giants like Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Now, we want to share this wonderful experience with e-commerce businesses by providing dedicated live chat outsourcing to increase online sales and conversions.

We really care about live chat

Our mission is to increase your customer’s lifetime value (LTV+)
by ridding the world of bad customer experiences.

People First

We put your customers first because that is simply the right thing to do.


We measure, analyze and optimize our workflow processes to become efficient in everything we do for you.


We work with the leading brands in the world and understand both your needs and customers’ to provide the best live chat experience.


With many years of live chat under our belt, we work hard to develop unique playbooks for you to make the most out of your e-commerce business.


Our LTVplus agents are your dedicated agents, integrating with your online business to become one single voice that reflects your brand well.


With our process-driven approach to business, our methods enable you to scale your businesses quickly with the teams you need.

About the founders

David Henzel




Learn how LTVplus can help grow your online business

Find out how having a dedicated live chat team can help you to generate more revenue from your website through chat engagement opportunities.