Who we are

LTVplus builds and manages outsourced customer experience teams to help e-commerce brands grow internationally in any time zone and language. We hire specialists across the globe to tap into different skills and languages as we do not believe in limiting opportunities.

We understand the success of a brand depends not only on the success of its customers but also on its teams for growth.

We make internationalization simple for brands.

The founders

David Henzel

David Henzel




How we started

Our co-founders David and GQ founded LTVplus in 2017.

David, a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in e-commerce, realized that customer service greatly affected sales conversions. By making sure that response times were short and customers were successful with their purchases, he grew sales drastically and kept customers coming back for more.

The statistics showed that taking great care of your customers was not only morally the right thing to do, it also made a ton of financial sense.

Ridding the world of bad customer experiences became his life’s mission.

When he wanted to grow his online business in Europe, he built a multilingual customer experience team and expanded into markets that were previously untouched. The wealth of experience he gained from e-commerce forms the core of LTVplus.

Today, we learn and optimize the best practices in the industry to make sure we are always on the cutting-edge of internationalization and technology.

We are here to help e-commerce brands grow worldwide by providing dedicated customer experience outsourcing in any timezone and language.

The core values that drive us

People First

Our teams and our customers are our Number 1 priority.

Customer Success

We deliver value in everything we do and set our customers up for success.

Own It

We build trust and excellence through total accountability. How we do one thing is how we do all things.


We do not hesitate in taking responsibility and improving what can be improved.

Simple Processes

Document, run, feedback, improve, repeat.

Love, not Fear

We act out of love, not out of fear.

Fun & Harmony

Life is short so we remove things that are unpleasant.


Transparency builds trust — the foundation of great teamwork.

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