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A 17.5% Live Chat Conversion Rate Generates More Than $180,000 in Revenue ClickBank University

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Meet ClickBank University

ClickBank University is an education platform that has helped 70,000+ students build digital businesses around their passions!

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ClickBank University was already getting a good amount of conversions from their sales landing pages. They wanted to increase their conversion rate and bring in more sales. One of the methods they considered was implementing live chat. As they offer standard courses and add-ons to customers, a live chat solution could answer all questions and boost conversion rates.


They needed a dedicated customer experience team with great experience in pre-sale live chat to increase conversions. With 100% focus on the brand voice and closing sales for ClickBank University, conversion rates were bound to go up.

LTVplus started off by providing 1 agent to test the traffic. Once live chat proved profitable, we moved to a team of 4 agents to provide 24/7 coverage. This helped us close more opportunities around the clock.

To help them make the most out of live chat, we constantly optimized for success.

1. Dedicated agents

The pre-sale live chat team assigned to ClickBank University delivered chat only for them. Every agent was onboarded and trained extensively. They learned the ins and outs of ClickBank University, its products, policies, and processes. We drafted a handbook, knowledge base and cheatsheet to onboard future team members when they needed to scale.

Dedicated agents also meant 100% and 100% dedication — no distractions.

2. Proactive chat engagement

We implemented automated greetings that would pop up and to engage different segments of visitors. Our agents would also engage with specific visitors from time to time.

The goal: clarify any inquiries visitors had and provide a direct link to purchase the course. Visitors could then benefit from ClickBank University sooner.

3. A/B testing of messages

We tested a variety of automated greetings to pick messages that converted the best. We considered the following when creating greetings:

4. Customer Success team

Their pre-sale live chat team was managed by an assigned Customer Success team that made sure to hit the goals of the business.

The team consisted of:

To make sure we hit every goal all the time, the agents would be trained and coached repeatedly to ensure smooth launches.


With a dedicated pre-sale live chat team, ClickBank University could access more opportunities from their traffic around the clock. We were able to achieve great results together and generate more sales for ClickBank University.

An amazing team. We immediately experienced improved customer satisfaction, improved conversions, and a ton of weight lifted off our shoulders to know our visitors are being well taken care of!

Justin Atlan

Justin Atlan

Co-founder, ClickBank University


ClickBank University was extremely successful with live chat. LTVplus now supports both pre-sale and customer support to help them deliver great customer experiences.

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