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How John Crestani saved $15,000 per month by outsourcing customer support to LTVplus

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Meet John Crestani

John Crestani is the founder of the Super Affiliate System, a training company that provides a blueprint for anyone who wants to start a home-based affiliate marketing business.


John Crestani is already an established expert in the field of affiliate marketing. His online academy Super Affiliate System was already getting decent sales from their courses and webinars, but he wanted to take it to the next level. With a limited amount of people handling concerns and closing sales, they were having a hard time achieving their goals. As they offer standard courses and add-ons to customers, live chat was the right solution for answering customers’ questions and boosting conversion rates in real-time.


A dedicated Customer Experience team of well-trained agents was the solution they needed to increase sales conversions and revenue. The team had two pre-sale agents from the start, and they assisted with the increasing number of tickets and sales inquiries.

At the end of the second month with LTVplus’ CX team, John Crestani’s conversion rate increased by 10%, taking it to 16.99% compared to 6.99% from the previous month. This proved the effectiveness of having live-chat agents assisting customers. After a couple of months, we expanded the team by adding additional agents to provide post-sale support for customers that had any questions or concerns after their purchase.

1. Dedicated agents

The initial team consisted of 2 pre-sales customer experience agents and after a while, we added an additional agent to offer support in post-sales. All conversations with customers were managed through Zendesk for live chat and email support.

2. Personalized Welcome videos

To personalize the welcome emails sent to new customers, a dedicated post-sale agent created Welcome videos. The agent recorded a personalized welcome video for each new customer, taking Super Affiliate System’s customer experience to the next level.

3. Customer Success team

Dedicated customer experience agents were managed by an assigned LTVplus Customer Success team that made sure the agents were hitting the desired goals and KPIs.

The team consisted of:

All agents went through constant training and were coached repeatedly, to ensure the smooth launch and support integration with the Super Affiliate System website.


With a dedicated customer experience team, John Crestani was able to save more than $15.000 on customer support every month. By hiring the LTVplus customer experience team, John was able to reduce the cost of hiring and managing the CX team. At the same time, the team helped reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction and revenue.

I was spending $20,000 to $25,000 on support and management every month. But once I started with LTVplus, in just 4 months I reduced the cost by $15,000. And support is now a revenue driver for me.

Support is now making more than $10,000 in new sales every month.

John Crestani

John Crestani

Founder of Super Affiliate System


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