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5X Increase in Conversions Gets $350,000 in Monthly Sales for Q-See

5X increase in conversions
$ k+
> $350k in sales per month
More than 95% CSAT

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Meet Q-See

Headquartered in Anaheim, California, Q-See is a smart security brand that provides sleek, user-friendly and innovative security. Surveillance systems should not only fit but enhance your lifestyle.

They deliver easy-to-use smart surveillance solutions that incorporate cutting edge technology and enhance the lifestyles of those who use them. Take control of an element of your life without interrupting your daily routine. Q-See sets industry standards, constantly evolving alongside the ever-changing connected technology landscape.

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Q-See was doing about $200,000 in monthly revenue before working with LTVplus.

Rishi, a co-founder of Q-See, believed that there were untapped opportunities for more sales for their e-commerce store. He wanted to increase conversions and bring in more sales for the company. After hearing about LTVplus on a podcast, he wanted to test live chat as a sales channel for Q-See.


To empower more people with surveillance systems, Q-See needed a dedicated customer experience team that had great experience in pre-sale live chat and surveillance technologies. With top-notch expertise, proper training, and 100% focus on the brand, closing sales for Q-See would be straightforward.

LTVplus started off by providing 1 agent to work with the current traffic. To track sales and offer a better deal, we used a unique discount coupon given by Q-See. Once live chat proved profitable, we expanded coverage into the weekend to provide 8/7 coverage. This helped to increase sales with weekend traffic available to us.

We optimized live chat for success at every step of the way to make the most out of the channel.

1. Dedicated agents

Every Q-See live chat agent from LTVplus was onboarded and trained in their products. They learned the ins and outs of Q-See, surveillance products, policies, and processes. We worked with the handbook they provided and created a knowledge base and cheatsheet for day-to-day use and the onboarding of future team members.

Dedicated agents also meant 100% and 100% dedication to Q-See’s mission of empowering people with surveillance systems.

2. Proactive chat engagement

We implemented a variety of automated messages to engage with different visitors on the website.

The goal: clarify any inquiries visitors had and provide a direct link with a coupon code to purchase the products.

3. A/B testing of messages

We tested a variety of proactive messages to pick the ones that converted the best. We considered the following when creating greetings:

4. Customer Success team

Q-See’s pre-sale live chat team was managed by an assigned Customer Success team that made sure to hit the goals of the business.

The team consisted of:

To make sure we hit every goal all the time, Q-See live chat agents would be trained and coached repeatedly to ensure smooth launches and sales.


With a dedicated pre-sale live chat team, Q-See could access more opportunities from their traffic around the clock. We were able to achieve great results together and generate more sales for Q-See.

We were doing about $200,000 per month but I knew we could be converting more somehow. After using LTVplus, we had a permanent boost of at least 5X for our conversion rate. We did at least $350,000 and got on track to hit our revenue targets.

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Rishi Sharma

Co-founder, Q-See


Q-See was extremely successful with live chat. LTVplus now supports both pre-sale and customer support to help them deliver great customer experiences.

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