Optimize Live Chat for More Conversions and Better Customer Engagement

How to Optimize Live Chat: 4 Little Tricks for More Conversions and Better Customer Engagement

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Just like any other marketing or customer engagement strategy, if you have live chat on your website, you’ll want to make the most of it. Installing the software on your site, and then giving it only minimal attention, will only result in a poor ROI. Instead, you should do everything you can to optimize your live chat to get more conversions and look for better ways to engage your customers.

Why Is Customer Engagement Important?

Customer engagement is when your business forms an emotional connection with a customer. When this connection exists, customers buy more, promote more, and are more likely to become loyal customers.

Customers don’t want to be treated like they are just a number in a spreadsheet. They want you to engage with them and show that there is a human element to your business. If you can do this, there are some significant long-term rewards in store. Live chat can help you achieve them.

Here are just a few facts that show the benefits of improving your customer service:

  • Businesses with better customer service generate revenues that are between 4 and 8 percent better than their market (Source).
  • New customers cost between 5 and 25 percent more than returning customers, making it worthwhile to make your existing customers happy (Source).
  • Customer experience will soon become more important than price or product (Source).
  • 73 percent of customers fall in love with a brand based on exceptional customer service (Source).


Make It Personal

The first thing you should focus on is making your live chat more personal. There are a few ways you can go about this.

Use the customer’s name. Once a live chat conversation starts, your chat agent should learn the customer’s name as quickly as possible, then use it in the conversation. This is just one small way to show that the customer is talking to another person and not with a computer.

Ask for the customer’s email address or phone number, and add their information to their customer profile. Also, make sure you keep all conversations in your archive., If the same customer comes back with more questions, you can look back at previous conversations and continue the conversation where you left off.

Here’s an example. Let’s say a prospective customer starts a live chat session with some questions about your affiliate marketing software. You start the conversation by asking for their name and email address, then move on to answering their questions. At the end of the conversation, the customer says that they are not quite ready to buy yet.

A week later that same customer comes back to your website and starts another live chat session, this time wondering about pricing models. After getting their name and email address again, you’re able to look up the conversation you previously had along with all other information you gathered about them.

This will give you the advantage to offer them a pricing model they will most likely accept since you are customizing the messages based on your previous conversation with them. This way you will save time since you won’t be asking the same questions again. You will also form a personal connection with that prospect – even if it’s a different customer service agent answering the questions.


Focus on Pain Points

Another way to make your chats more personal is by focusing on customer’s pain points. Pain points are any problems your prospects or customers might have, and they are all unique. Something that is a pain point for one customer may not be an issue for another.

During your conversations, you should focus on the specific pain points of that customer:

  • Is your product too expensive for them?
  • Are they having trouble with your shopping cart software?
  • Are they unable to find something on your website?
  • Or are they a past customer who is experiencing an issue with your product?
Take the time to ask the customer what issues they are facing, don’t just assume. Instead, ask them to specify the problem and show that you really care and want to provide the solution. This is a great way to engage your prospect or customer, as the focus is solely on them and their issue.


Offer Multilanguage Support

Consider offering customer support in different languages. It’s hard to form a personal connection with a customer if you aren’t speaking their language.  Not knowing the language of your customers can lead to misunderstanding and prevent you from providing the best solution and support.

Offering support in multiple languages has been shown to improve customer engagement.

In one study, 74% of customers said they would be more likely to purchase from a company that offered support in their native language. In another survey, 58.4% of respondents said native language support increased customer loyalty.

By providing multilingual customer support, you’re meeting your clients where they’re at, rather than making them work on your terms.

A great example of this is Tesla. Tesla will literally meet you wherever you’re at to perform repairs on your car so that you don’t have to take it into a shop. And while physically meeting your customers isn’t possible for every business, the same principle applies. It’s all about working with your customers in a way that’s more suitable for them. Whether it’s driving to their location or talking in their language.

How to provide support in different languages and optimize live chat

To offer multilingual support, you have three options:

  1. Your customer service representatives use translation software when talking to people in another language. It is a good go-to solution for a one-time. However, these are not perfect so there is a great chance of error and sending a wrong message to your customer.
  2. Hire customer service representatives who fluently speak multiple languages. You likely won’t be able to afford to hire someone for every language in the world, so make a selection of languages based on your target markets.
  3. Outsource your customer service. This means hiring a live chat agent who speaks a specific language, to take care of your business’ customer service. This saves you the trouble of having to pay more salaries and benefits, while still providing the best customer experience for your customers in their preferred language.


Analyze Past Performances

Finally, the best way to improve customer engagement, cart abandonment rates, and conversion rates is by learning from the past. Every business is unique, and the strategies that work best for another business may not be the best for you. You need to try out different things, run some A/B split tests, measure your results, then make changes.

For example, you could start by analyzing the performance of all your live chat agents. At the end of each month, you could see which agent has the highest conversion rate and customer satisfaction ratings. Study what that agent did well and teach those tactics to the other agents.

You can also keep track of the most frequent questions you get. By doing this you will identify where your prospects and customers commonly have pain points. It will give you an opportunity to improve your business and at the same time prepare answers to the most common questions in advance.

Most live chat software have reporting and analytics integrated into the platform. Make sure you set aside time to go over reports and see what you can learn. If you’ve decided to outsource your live chat, talk with your provider, as they can likely provide you with some comprehensive insights.


Make Customer Engagement a Priority

To convert more prospects into customers, and turn those customers into loyal customers, you need to have strong customer engagement. Live chat is one of the best ways to do this, as it allows you to quickly talk with your customer and address their individual issues. By using live chat on your website, and giving it the attention it deserves, you can make your customers happier, which will only lead to better results.

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