Recover at least 50% of Monthly Lost Revenue with LTVplus' Failed Payment Recovery Service

Improve customer retention and recover lost revenue for your subscriptions-based ecommerce brand.

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Almost 50% of all churn is caused by failed payments.
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Subscription-based businesses lose around 10% of their monthly revenue due to failed payments.
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More than 85% of customers never respond to automatic dunning emails.​

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“Using LTVplus’ Failed Payment Recovery service is simply fantastic. They help us recover many payments that would otherwise be lost and they provide the clearest reporting you’ll ever see.
The ROI here is huge … using LTVplus for Payment Recovery is just a no-brainer!”

Blair Williams, Founder of Caseproof and MemberPress

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Why card payments fail

Many businesses are not aware of the possible risk of loosing a significant amount of revenue due to reasons that occur to:

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Focus on your business growth. We recover revenue for you.

We recognized the problem subscription-based and membership businesses face with involuntary churn. So we designed a done-for-you failed payment recovery service to help you recover failed payments and retain customers.

And at the same time keep a good brand image and reputation.

prevent churn

What is your monthly recurring revenue (MRR)?


What is your churn rate (CR)?


With $? MRR and ?%

Voluntary Churn (%)

Involuntary Churn (%)

* industry average is 30% of overall churn.

Involuntary Churn ($)

LTVplus Recovery (%) – 60%

* the average recovery rate with personalized human outreach and software. Can be higher.

LTVplus Recovery ($)

With LTVplus, you can recover


of monthly recurring revenue 🚀

That is an additional


of annual revenue 🦄

Eunilaine Leabres

"Hi! I'm Euna!"

I’m a Failed Payment Recovery Specialist at LTVplus. I recover failed payments and churned customers for online businesses.

Our Failed Payment Recovery Specialists help:

Get started with LTVplus

We charge a flat fee without commission.

LTVplus Book a consultation with our team

We get on a call with you to understand:

  • Your company’s vision, mission, and values
  • The talent and technologies you need
  • Your budget
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2. Assign Specialist

We assign a Failed Payment Recovery Specialist that understands your industry and can best represent your brand.

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3. Integrate with your business

We get access to the tools required for communication, payment recovery and performance tracking.

LTVplus start building and training your CX team

4. Collect customer feedback

We collect and organize customer feedback so you know why customers churn and optimize your business.

LTVplus optimize your team’s performance.

5. Recover lost revenue

We decrease involuntary churn, build relationships, and recover lost revenue to help you grow your online business.

Get actionable tips on how to write dunning emails that convert.

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Recover failed payments to grow the revenue of your SaaS, ecommerce, or online business.

Schedule a call with us today. Have our Specialist help you with failed payment recovery.

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