Phone Support

Stay on top of inbound requests and improve customer experience.

Сonnect with your customers

Tending to customers and providing help with multi-channel support is important. It can drastically impact your business’ conversion rates and revenue.

LTVplus recognized the importance of providing phone support service to help eCommerce brands stay on top of their inbound requests and help them improve their product or services — and customer experience.

Phone Support
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Dedicated phone support increases customer conversion and retention rates

Outsourcing phone support and call center activities to LTVplus means delegating tasks to a team of professional customer experience agents. Have your team focus on your core competencies.

With the help of our trained and experienced team of phone support agents, you will reach the full potential of the voice technology you are using for your business. You can also provide multi-channel support so your customers can communicate with your brand in their native languages.

Benefits of phone support outsourcing

When you are short on staff or looking into expanding your call center, outsourcing can be a good option to consider. Not only is it cost-effective, you also benefit by:

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Having agents that are experienced and qualified

Getting solutions within a shorter period of time than hiring in-house

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Saving your time and resources

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Increasing conversions and customer satisfaction rates

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Turning your contact center into a profit center

Get phone support for your business today.