Hiring and Managing Remote Talent Has Never Been Easier

We source, recruit and manage qualified remote talent for you to kickstart or grow your business.

Why build your remote team with LTVplus?

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Done-for-You Recruitment

We take care of the entire recruitment process for you. Tell us who you need and we will get you the best talent for the profiles you need.

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Done-for-You HR & Payroll

We manage your remote talent for you. From HR to payroll, we provide the back-office support for you to grow.

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Evergrowing Remote Community

Your team becomes a part of our remote community. Your remote talent gets the support system they need to succeed in your business.

Hire skilled and experienced remote talent quickly

Tap into a diverse pool of qualified and experienced candidates and grow your business remotely.

Be it Customer Success Managers, Software Developers, Digital Marketers, Virtual Assistants, we are here to source, screen, recruit and manage the people you need to succeed.

How do we find the best candidate for your business needs?

LTVplus Book a consultation with our team

We get on a call with you to understand:

  • Your company’s vision, mission, and values
  • Your company’s culture
  • The requirements of the role
  • The talent and technologies you need
  • Your budget

Finding the right candidates based on our consultation is crucial for the success of your remote team.

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2. Recruit

We source and screen the best candidates who match the profiles you need and embody values that align with your company.

Depending on your needs, the rounds of interviews and technical assessments may vary before the actual job offer.

LTVplus start building and training your CX team

3. Review

We review the shortlisted candidates to ensure we have the best talents for your business before proceeding to bring them on.

LTVplus optimize your team’s performance.

4. Grow

Once your remote team members are on board, integrate them within your business. We take care of HR and recruitment for you every step of the way.

LTVplus can help you find the best candidates for the different roles that your business needs

The Internet has revolutionized the way businesses operate. Entire companies can function and grow without the need for physical spaces.

We are a People First business that believes in connecting businesses with skilled specialists from all over the world. We are on a mission to share the benefits and joy of remote work with everyone.

Build your own remote team with specialists from all over the world. Tell us who you need.