Increase conversions and revenue with a Localized Cart

Customers are looking for a personalized, customized and unique experience.

Over 55% of customers will only buy from the websites that are in their native language.

13% of customers will leave the online store if the prices are presented in foreign currency.

50% of customers leave if they don’t see a preferred payment method.




6 Key Features

Follow these items to localize and adjust to cater to the needs of local customers.

  • Translate the content of the website
  • Offer customer support in the native language
  • Show prices in local currency
  • Offer payment methods familiar to the local customer
  • Design the website to match the local culture
  • Get the local top-level domain (TLD) for your online store


Test your translations and design.
Offer different color schemes or different wordings to see which combination of design and content gets more conversions.

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