5 Ways Live Chat Boosts Conversion Rates and Profit

5 Ways Live Chat Boosts Conversion Rates and Profit

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Creating great customer experiences has never been more challenging. With customers using so many different platforms today, the competition for attention is real. Most online businesses default to email support or voice support in the beginning, sticking with the norm since it is the most common. 

That is not enough. Customers today need almost instant gratification when it comes to interactions with a business.

According to LiveChat, the overall number of chats went from 334 million chats in 2017 to 437 million chats in 2018. That is an increase of more than 30% in a year. The growth of live chat is undeniable. While some businesses have caught on and implemented live chat successfully, many others have not.

At LTVplus, one of our pillars of belief is that contact centers should be profit centers — not cost centers. Live chat is one very important communication channel that contributes to that pillar.

The benefits of having live chat:

  • People love talking to people. Customers are more willing to purchase from you when they can clarify their doubts with live chat agents on your websites.
  • Customer experiences become more personalized with your agents acting as “in-store” assistants that help customers find what they need.
  • Live chat agents also have the opportunity to reduce returns in real-time.
  • Get instant feedback on how you can improve your business and/or products. 

In this article, we explore the 5 ways that live chat boosts conversion rates and profit for your online business.

1. Increase conversions on high-intent pages and landing pages

When you have live chat available on your high-intent pages or landing pages, it gives you the opportunity to help visitors make informed purchases. OptinMonster increased e-commerce conversion rates by 11X through live chat.

With live chat available on key pages of your online store (or throughout your website), you can:

  • Help potential buyers with their presales inquiries and increase sales as a result
  • Recommend products that your customer actually needs so you reduce refunds
  • Provide suitable upsells that would improve your customer’s experience with your brand
  • Qualify leads and book qualified appointments for your sales team

Make sure you implement live chat conversion tracking to measure how well your live chat is performing when it comes to sales.

Tip: Keep live chat messages short and sweet. People have a tendency to include too much text in one message, but chat does not work that way. It makes it hard for visitors to digest all the information at one go. Break your text up, but don’t flood your visitor!

2. Create personalized customer experiences

You can also reach out to potential customers on your website proactively using live chat. Anticipating your customers’ behaviors and meeting them where they are will definitely improve their experience with your business.

Some of the ways to create personalized customer experiences include:

  • Running proactive automated messages on high-intent pages to start conversations
  • Displaying different messages to different customer segments for better targeting
  • Creating different live chat experiences for desktop and mobile
  • Chatting with customers in their native languages with multilingual live chat agents or translation technologies

The most important thing: customize your canned live chat responses. You want to make sure your messages are personalized. Show that you care, and your customers will greatly appreciate it.

Tip: Make sure your live chat widget does not block your checkout buttons or important information on mobile. Depending on the live chat software you use, you can create different layouts to make sure your mobile visitors get the best experience possible — while still being able to reach out to you when needed.

3. Reduce returns and lower e-commerce costs

Providing a fast and reliable communication channel will also help you reduce costs for your business. When a customer has any post-sales inquiries or issues with their orders, it would be so much easier for them to just reach out through live chat and get their problems solved. The faster you address an issue, the better the results.

You could be getting back to a customer within seconds.

When you provide customer support through live chat, you can:

  • Address customers’ concerns immediately
  • Help customers understand any policies that they may have missed
  • Offer promo and/or discount codes for future purchases to rescue sales
  • Increase customer satisfaction with better experiences
  • Reduce the cost of refunds and returns to generate more profit
Tip: Add a live chat link in your email campaigns to customers so they can reach out to you for immediate 24/7 support. This way, you get to the heart of the issue as soon as possible to improve the customer experience.

4. Collect customer intelligence to improve your online business

There is so much unstructured data in your day-to-day conversations with customers. One of the best ways to improve your business is by getting it from your source of revenue — your customers.

With the chat transcripts that you get from live chat, you can:

  • Find out what your customers really want from your brand
  • Discover trends that you might not get from other data sources
  • Aggregate conversation topics manually or through the use of AI-powered analytics
  • Learn what areas of your business you need to improve to create better customer experiences
Tip: Tagging is so important in live chat. Make sure your agents are tagging conversations correctly so you capture the essence of each conversation. Get a QA specialist to review every conversation again to make sure the tags are correct.
If your budget allows, implement AI-powered analytics to get even more value out of your conversations.

5. Provide customers with 24/7 customer support using a chatbot solution

If you are not able to have a team that provides 24/7 customer support, you can consider having a chatbot solution implemented on your website. Though chatbots do take a bit of time to train, you can automate some basic aspects of your customer experience to make sure customers get the information they need. There are also chatbot solutions like ChatCreate that make running a chatbot simple from the beginning.

Some of the benefits of having a chatbot are:

  • Communicating with many visitors with only one chatbot
  • Providing 24/7 conversations
  • Reduce response times as conversations are instant

A hybrid solution that combines human agents with a chatbot is one way of running a profitable contact center.

Tip: Never pass off your chatbot as a human agent. Customers can tell the difference, and they prefer knowing that they are speaking with a chatbot anyway.
Offer the option to switch to a human agent so customers can switch channels once they find your chatbot’s limit in performance.

Boost your live chat conversion rates and profit

Now that we have gone through some of the ways live chat can boost conversions and increase profit your business, it only makes sense to give this a test run (if you have not already done so) and see the results for yourself. Not sure of which live chat software to use for your e-commerce store? Check out our Big List of Live Chat Solutions to determine what you need.

Your business could be benefitting from real-time conversations with customers.

Need a dedicated customer experience team ready to support your brand?

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