7 Proven Ways to Make the Most Out of Shopify Live Chat Software for Your Online Store

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In the previous year, 218 million buyers used a Shopify store to make an online purchase, across over 800,000 stores. Each year Shopify has seen an increase in the number of users – both buyers and sellers It has grown so popular that it is now the first choice when a new seller is looking to set up an online store.

With so many new sellers joining Shopify you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. A great way to do this is by offering a live chat feature on your store.

In fact, according to MarTech, 51% of customers are more likely to purchase from a site that offers live chat.

Shopify live chat software gives your customers the ability to quickly talk to a representative of your store, get answers to their questions and help with the purchase.

Below are some best practices you can implement right away and get the most out of live chat software for your Shopify store. tool.

1. Train your in-house staff or hire dedicated pros

To grow your store with live chat, you need the right people behind the keyboard. You need agents on standby who can answer customer questions or complaints as soon as they get them.  There are two ways to achieve this. Hiring and training your in-house team or outsourcing your customer success to a dedicated professional team.

When training your in-house team, you’ll want to go over:

  • software and its features,
  • how to develop a personal connection with customers,
  • how to quickly provide accurate and high-quality answers.

Some other considerations you’ll need to take into account:

  • online coverage –  hours you’re able to offer your live chat support,
  • what languages it will be available in,
  • how many agents you’ll need working at the same time.

However, if you want to avoid this large commitment of time and resources, consider outsourcing your live chat operation. When you work with a team like the one here at LTVPlus, you get a dedicated group of live chat agents for a fraction of the cost. With our team you’ll get around the clock coverage, multilingual support, and expertise in the popular live chat software, such as LiveChat, Zendesk, HelpCrunch and Re:amaze. To learn more about the benefits of outsourcing your live chat to LTVPlus, you can visit our guide here.


2. Increase your available hours

Whether you decide to go with an in-house team or an outsourced one, a top priority should be to make your live chat available for as many hours as possible. Some people prefer to shop during their lunch break, while others will browse before bedtime. Not only that, but the timezone of your business isn’t necessarily the timezone of your customers. Even if you were to make live chat available during your business hours, millions of people around the world are sleeping during that time.

If you can only run your live chat at select times, and you’re unsure of where to start, go with the most popular times for e-commerce shopping.

According to Workarea, the most popular days for shopping online are Sunday and Monday, and the numbers decrease as the week goes on. In terms of the time of day, conversion rates started to rise at 6 a.m, hit their peak around noon, then leveled off until around 10 p.m, where they would then start to dip.

Ideally, you should aim for 24/7 coverage, or as close to it as you can get. This typically means hiring more agents, and perhaps finding ones that live in different timezones. If you’re unable to offer complete coverage, look into getting a chatbot that can handle some basic requests during your off hours.


3. Provide multilingual support

Just like your customers might live in a different timezone, they also speak a different language. Providing multilingual support will open your Shopify store for new markets, allowing you to reach millions of potential customers.

ltvplus multilingual

According to one study, 74% of customers are more likely to purchase from a company if they offer post-sales support in their language. In addition, 58% of businesses that offered multilingual support had more customer loyalty because of it.

When offering multilingual support, it’s important that you don’t just hire someone who will run everything through an online translation tool. Multilingual support is about communicating effectively with a person in another language, and you can’t do this if you’re doing simple translations. You need to understand the different cultural and regional aspects of each market, to provide your customers with the best experience.


4. Make personal connections

The great thing about Shopify live chat software is that it allows your Shopify store to mimic a physical shopping experience to your customers. Let’s face it, shopping online is an impersonal experience. It’s a customer browsing through a website, reading the information provided by the brand.

One study found (PDF) that 31% of customers said they wished their shopping experience was more personalized than it currently is.

live chat personal connections

A great practice when offering live chat is to make your interactions more personal. There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Use the customer’s name,
  • Introduce yourself and explain your role
  • Keep a record of customer conversations for future reference,
  • Track conversations across multiple channels
  • And ask questions of the customer to better understand what they’re looking for


5. Upsell

Shopify live chat software is great for not only improving your customer service experience but for increasing sales. When done correctly, your live chat agents can upsell – a sales technique to get customers to make an additional or larger purchase.

A great example of upselling online is Amazon. Any time you browse a product on Amazon, there’s a list of similar products you might like. Amazon will even show you other items that go along with that product, under the title “Frequently Bought Together”.

For example, if you are looking to buy a daily planner, you may see pens and sticky notes under this category.

Your live chat can function in a similar way. If you’re discussing a product with a customer, that is the perfect time to mention other related products you have on sale. Or, if you offer several different pricing models for the same product, you could talk to them about why they should upgrade to the premium option. Upselling takes some finesse – you don’t want you live chat agents to appear pushy – but if you train your agents well, it could result in a large increase in sales.


6. Make your chat window easy to find

When installing Shopify live chat software, make sure it appears in a place that is easy to find. The most widely used location is the bottom-right hand corner of a website. This lets your customers know that the live chat option is available to them, without getting in the way of the content on the page.

The whole point of live chat is to help customers quickly and easily find the information they are looking for. However, this isn’t possible if your customers have to hunt around your website for a way to contact you.


7. Study and improve

Finally, no matter how you initially set up your live chat widget, it’s likely not the optimal way. Every Shopify store is different, and what works for someone else may not work for you. The key to getting better is trying new things, tracking the success rate, and then analyzing the results.

shopify live chat software analytics

For example, you may initially have your live chat available during your business hours. After studying the results for a while, you discover that most of your customers are shopping at a later hour. With this information, you can adjust your schedule and better serve your customers.

Or you may realize that one specific live chat agent is not performing nearly as well as the others. Maybe their conversion rate is much lower, or their customer interactions don’t receive high satisfaction rates. In a case like this, you’d want to either provide additional training to that agent or find a replacement. With tracking and studying your results, this inefficient agent would continue to go unnoticed, harming your Shopify store in the long run.


Wrapping up

With a live chat feature on your website, you’ll be able to offer a superior customer service experience and drive more sales. But this only works if you have trained and experienced live chat agents on the other end interacting with your customers. If you can get both a great Shopify live chat software and professional live chat agents, it won’t be long before you start to see the growth you’ve been looking for.

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