Focus on international growth with outsourced customer experience teams

Taking your brand to the international stage requires a lot of planning and strategizing.
Support your internationalization plans with customer experience teams that are available for your customers in any time zone and language.
Save the time and money needed for expansion and let LTVplus take care of the recruitment and training for you.

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Our approach is supported by our three uniques

Multilingual Teams

We make sure your brand has the languages you need to scale internationally.

We build and manage customer experience teams that are fluent in English and any other languages you need.

Dedicated Specialists

Every specialist assigned to you works only for you. 100% dedication means 100% focus.

We only hire specialists who have the skills and languages your brand needs to succeed at internationalization.

Proven Processes

Working with different brands has given us the grounds to constantly test and improve our processes.

We provide tried and tested frameworks and workflows to help your brand grow successfully.

Benefits of customer experience outsourcing

Whether you are missing 24/7 coverage to get more sales, lacking social media engagement, wanting to learn what your customers want, or connecting with customers in their own language, outsourcing your customer experience will help you achieve the results you want at much lower costs.

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Generate more international sales 24/7

Customers can make the right purchases quickly when they get the answers they need. With our dedicated customer experience teams available 24/7, you can generate more sales even when you and your teams are asleep.

Create a better customer experience with quality conversations with shorter response times.

Provide localized customer experiences

Scaling your brand worldwide should be simple. With our multilingual customer experience teams ready to support your brand, we can help your customers in their language while chatting with your brand voice.

Languages are no longer a barrier to the success of your brand’s growth.

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Increase social media engagement

Increase social media engagement

Every brand needs to be where its audience is. Monitor, moderate and manage your social channels with our multilingual and multicultural moderation teams available 24/7. Our dedicated social media teams are here to help you monitor comments, conversations, images, videos and any kind of content that is shared, tweeted or pinned to your official accounts or brand pages.

Inspire your fans and customers to engage with you online at any time, anywhere.

Localize content for international audiences

The best way to get your brand to your customers is to localize your content into the different languages you need for language support. We provide translation services that help connect customers worldwide with your content.

Create localized customer experiences to increase international growth.

Localize content

How customer service outsourcing increases conversion rates 10X.

I am a fan of live chat representatives. Not because I love people, but because I am a data-driven person. Once I learned that our conversion rate is TEN TIMES higher with chat than without it, my only question was how to properly scale it.

LTVplus is the way to do it. We have our in-house core team that we mix with LTVplus representatives all the time. Our customers do not feel the difference, which is a great accomplishment for the LTVplus management team.

David Braun

CEO, TemplateMonster

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