Drive your business growth by focusing on your customers

Build a solid growth acceleration engine with Customer Success as your driver.

Increase sales

Increase retention

Customer Support

Increase advocacy

Failed Payment Recovery

Prevent failed payments

prevent churn

Prevent churn

Expand your business.
Reach your desired revenue goals.

Provide your customer with an exceptional experience.

“Make sure your customers are getting the results they are looking for. Focus on your customers and serve them in the way for them to get the results they are looking for.

Build your outsourced customer experience team and set your business up for long-term success.”

Lincoln Murphy, Customer-centric Growth Expert, Consultant, and Thought Leader

Generate more sales with 24/7 live chat coverage

Never miss a potential sale ever again. Have dedicated live chat agents that are available 24/7 to help your potential customers. Increase overall customer satisfaction and boost sales conversions by 17% with live chat.

Live chat
Shopify customer support agent

Proactively engage with potential customers

Reduce bounce rates and cart abandonment rates with proactive engagement done by outsourced customer support agents. Reach out to your website visitors, answer their questions and concerns, and assist with the purchase through live chat.
48% of consumers prefer businesses that have a proactive approach.
Use this as your advantage.

Prevent involuntary churn

Recover more than 50% of failed payments with a dedicated Failed Payment Recovery Specialist. Most subscription-based businesses lose revenue due to failed credit card payments. With the right processes in place, personalized dunning emails and outbound calls, you can recover revenue that would otherwise be lost.

Get more revenue through better customer retention.

LTVplus customer support for Shopify Apps

Getting started with LTVplus

Schedule a call with our team to discuss your business requirements and needs.

We study your processes, brand voice, and craft a detailed knowledge base for training your team.

We build you a customized outsourced Customer Experience team to drive success.

We collect and analyze performance data so we can help your team improve.

Grow your business by creating the best customer experiences.

Increase your customer Lifetime Value by outsourcing your Customer Experience to a dedicated team of Customer Experience Specialists