Customer service solutions for
e-commerce businesses

Get a tailored customer service solution with dedicated customer service representatives and AI technology to provide great customer experiences for your e-commerce business.

Every visitor of yours gets the fastest and best customer assistance possible.

Multilingual Experts

Every customer service representative assigned to your team works only for you. Being 100% dedicated means 100% focus.

We hire experienced CSRs fluent in the languages you need and train them using the knowledge base we create from your conversation archives, business content and brand voice.


Our customer service representatives have access to AI-assisted tools that help them deliver better customer service.

Be it learning faster or getting the best possible answers based on chat history, AI helps our teams respond faster with precision.


Chatbots can learn from the history of your past conversations to select responses that work well.

Once implemented, we finetune and maintain the chatbots to make sure we reduce 30% to 50% of the workload of your customer service team.

Omnichannel engagement

We work with a variety of communication channels to make sure we engage your customers every step of the way.

Customer Support

Live Chat

Get a dedicated team of live chat agents that know your business domain well to engage with your customers and resolve their inquiries.


With a customer service team available 24/7, we resolve your tickets quickly and with great customer satisfaction ratings.

Social Media

Expand your influence on social media by having a dedicated team of customer service representatives engaging with your communities.

Every customer service solution includes

Customer Success Manager

The Customer Success Manager is your point-of-contact that works with you to improve customer service and increase revenue for your online business.

Team Coach

The Team Coach trains your customer service representatives, evaluates their performance and coaches them to deliver the best customer service possible.

Data Analyst

The Data Analyst makes sense of the information collected to identify opportunities for more sales, optimize customer service, and improve performance.

How to get started

Book a consultation

Tell us your customer service and language needs so we can help you scale your business.

Build the foundation

We study your business, chat transcripts, past tickets and brand voice to build the knowledge base to train your team.

Integrate with your business

We set up the technology needed and work alongside your colleagues as team players.

Gather customer intelligence

We analyze the collected data to create weekly reports that we review with you on our weekly call.

Deliver the best customer service

We improve using the reports created to deliver the best customer service possible.


If you want to focus only on pre-sales chat, you can still have your customer service representative gather all the needed information from your customer, create a support ticket and escalate the issue to the relevant customer support representative.

Our representatives are trained at handling the full spectrum of customer service duties and overcoming different situations that occur. We build a knowledge base that is based on content from your website, product and service manuals. We then train them with the knowledge base built and samples of your email and live chat correspondence with your customers. This helps them understand your business much better before they go live.

We support all kinds of live chat and help desk software as our representatives are trained to use any tool. Their skills to deliver quality customer service does not change.

We understand that you may have doubts about outsourcing customer service to another us. Our consultation is free so you can get in touch with one of our representatives to get the answers to all your queries before you begin outsourcing with us. You can also add or remove representatives within 2 weeks with us.

We never compromise on the security of your data, credit card details, logins, and/or passwords and have implemented stringent data security measures to ensure complete confidentiality of your information. LTVplus representatives are made to sign non-disclosure agreements and any data security breach is severely penalized.

Fill up the consultation form and have a chat with one of our representatives. It will help us in recommending you the manpower and technologies you need for success. Once you receive the proposal, you can sign off on it to accept it. We will then start recruiting and/or training your dedicated representatives and they will start answering your customer’s emails and chats thereafter.

From the moment we begin working together, it takes us about 2 to 3 weeks to have your representatives trained and ready for live chat, email support and social media support.

Our representatives are capable individuals who are dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible. During their free time, they can provide supplementary services such as helping with documentation.

There is no minimum period and you are free to terminate our relationship after giving us a two-week notice in advance.

Work commences only after the receipt of payment in advance. We have the right to terminate, suspend, or put work on-hold in case of payment delays.

There are no hidden fees. We only charge one weekly price per representative, and we handle all incentives and benefits on our end to make sure you only have happy representatives representing your business.

Definitely. Simply let us know and we will have the replacement(s) ready within 2 weeks.

Yes, we definitely provide 24/7 coverage. You would need a minimum of 3 representatives per 8-hour shift, but the actual team size would depend on the size of your traffic and requirements.

Get your own customized customer care solution.