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Strategies For a Successful BFCM Despite the Ongoing Recession

Date: 01 November 2022
Time: 12PM EST | 9AM PST

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BFCM is only days away—and it’s going to be a very different one.

It’s no secret that the global recession and post-pandemic adjustments are threatening a major shift in consumer demand and behavior.

With eCommerce brands aiming for record-breaking sales this BFCM amidst a global recession, there is a need for a different approach from the previous years.

We’ve decided to take this up with BFCM experts so we’re holding an epic roundtable discussion with experts from Help Scout, Flip, and Shop Circle to tackle how brands can have a successful BFCM amidst a recession.

Join this discussion to learn more about:


GQ Fu photo


Co-founder & CEO, LTVplus

Ben Wright photo

Ben Wright

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Help Scout

Shawn Li photo

Shawn Li

Vice President of Partnerships, Flip

Gian Maria photo

Gian Maria Gramondi

Co-founder, Shop Circle