Why outsource your customer service

E-commerce businesses get more sales and deliver better customer service with dedicated live chat, email and social media support available 24/7. The problem is the cost of running a dedicated customer service team.

That is where we come in

Whether you are missing 24/7 coverage to get more sales, lacking visitor engagement, looking to connect with customers in their own language, or wanting to learn what your customers want, outsourcing your customer service with us will help you achieve the results you want at much lower costs.

ltvplus customer service representative

Generate more sales 24/7

Customers can make the right purchases quickly when they get the answers they need. With our dedicated customer service team available 24/7, you can generate more sales even when you and your colleagues are asleep.

Create a better shopping experience for your customers with shorter response times.

Increase visitor engagement

Reacting to customer inquiries fast is just the first step to creating a better customer experience. Set up your live chat or help desk applications to engage visitors automatically depending on their intent and behavior. Visitors who chat with our customer service representatives are 11X more likely to purchase from you than the average website traffic.

Take the first step and engage with your potential customers using automation.

Outsource your multilingual customer support
real-time customer feedback

Provide multilingual customer service

Scaling your business worldwide should be simple. With our multilingual customer service team to support your e-commerce store, we can help your customers in their language while chatting in your brand voice. We also help translate your content into the different languages you need for language support.

Languages are no longer a barrier to the success of your business growth.

Get real-time customer feedback

The best way to improve your e-commerce store, products and customer service is to get honest feedback from your customers. Surveys are useful, but nothing beats the transparency of real-time communication. We gather raw customer intelligence to create optimization reports that help improve your online business.

Deliver the best customer service possible with insights gathered from the frontlines.

How customer service outsourcing increases conversion rates 10X.

I am a fan of live chat representatives. Not because I love people, but because I am a data-driven person. Once I learned that our conversion rate is TEN TIMES higher with chat than without it, my only question was how to properly scale it.

LTVplus is the way to do it. We have our in-house core team that we mix with LTVplus representatives all the time. Our customers do not feel the difference, which is a great accomplishment for the LTVplus management team.

David Braun

CEO, TemplateMonster

Implementing live chat is just a click away.