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A customer success platform that will help you generate more leads and increase your sales conversion rate.
Trust the LTVplus team of trained agents to set up and take care of all incoming live chat requests.

Why HelpCrunch

HelpCrunch is an all-in-one live chat and customer service platform. It combines live chat on the website, in-app messenger, email and more. With built-in customer data insights, you can choose the most appropriate message and communication channel to reach out to your customers. This feature can help you generate and manage quality leads, convert active users into paying customers, boost repeat sales, and/or reengage the customers.

This multichannel platform is equipped with all the necessary features to satisfy the needs of different industries:

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SaaS and web services

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Online-to-offline business

Chat and ticketing tool

On HelpCrunch, all communication with your customers is in one place. You can reach out to your customers through different channels — chat, email, and the in-app messenger.
All that will be compiled in one single thread, so you can track all your interactions with a customer.

With Live Chat 2.0, you can customize a live chat widget to better represent your company and brand. Use different colors and add a logo, and most importantly, optimize it for multi-language markets.

Lead Generation

There is an option to add a pre-chat form that your client has to fill before starting a chat with an agent. Turn that on and start generating leads.
If your team is offline, you can choose to add a form in the live chat widget that will collect all the necessary data of your customers so you can get back to them once you are back online.

Email marketing automation

With HelpCrunch, you can also automate all your newsletters and email marketing efforts.

Share your company news and product announcements with your customers by manually sending email newsletters.

With automated email campaigns, you can reengage inactive users by sending targeted personalized messages.
You can use pre-made email templates or create your own.
Track the performance of your campaigns with detailed reports and optimize your emails to increase conversions.

Reporting and analytics

There are a couple of different reports available that will give you insight into the statistics and performance of your customer service. You can track overall chat statistics, or just for a specific agent. You can get insights into:

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The number of all, new and closed conversations

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Customer satisfaction value

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First response time

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The average conversation duration time

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And many more

There is an option to toggle an automatic CSAT rating prompt that shows up for customers right after the chat is closed. It’s useful to have this option turned on because it will give you an opportunity to find out how satisfied your customers are so you can make the necessary adjustments accordingly.

HelpCrunch integrations

Some of the most popular applications are waiting to integrate with your HelpCrunch account:

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Google Tag Manager and Analytics

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And many more coming soon.

Setting up your HelpCrunch account

Setting up your business for success with an appropriate customer success platform is the first step.
The second and most important step — having expert live chat agents that can take care of every situation that comes up.

Quick support is a must in today’s modern age. Since switching to Helpcrunch, we’ve noticed a much higher conversion rate and happier customers.

Emil, CEO

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Wonderful synergy of HelpCrunch and LTVplus

A powerful help desk software meets experienced and highly-trained live chat agents.
Our agents can help you with setting up your HelpCrunch account every step of the way:

Initial setup

Adding the widget to your website and chat widget customization

Adding departments

Adding agents and setting up their profiles

Third-party integrations

Reach out to us to get more information about HelpCrunch