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Building loyalty beyond discounts

Top 10 ways to boost post-BFCM customer retention

You dedicate all resources to preparing for a successful BFCM acquisition, but how can you keep that momentum once the holidays are over? Discover proven strategies to retain your new customers and transform them into lifelong subscribers, even after the discount-driven shopping spree.

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Tshili Khupe

Head of Growth & Partnerships

Gaby at Smartrr

Gabriella Yitzhaek Tegen

Founder & CEO

What's inside?

While Black Friday-Cyber Monday (BFCM) brings the excitement of sales and revenue spikes, it also means a new challenge is looming – turning holiday shoppers into loyal lifelong subscribers.

The question is: HOW?

Learn the strategies straight from the experts. Join our upcoming live webinar on the top 10 ways to boost customer retention after the BFCM shopping rush.

Gaby from Smartrr and Tshili from LTVplus will be sharing invaluable tips and hacks about your most pressing post-BFCM challenges:

With the BFCM frenzy, customers get used to heavy discounts and ongoing deals, but you know it’s not sustainable for your long-term growth. Instead, learn a smart strategy to target customers with post-holiday discounts for a subscription opt-in.

It’s vital to differentiate between one-time bargain hunters and potential loyal customers. See how you can power your sales and customer service teams with a post-purchase engagement hub to keep customers interested in the long run.

The sheer volume of marketing messages during BFCM can lead to customer burnout, so brands tend to tune out their marketing efforts post-holidays. But that’s when your loyalty rewards come in to strategically incentivize customers to keep buying from you – you’ll learn how in the webinar.

Post-holiday blues often result in abandoned shopping carts. With a personalized outreach strategy powered by real engagement data, your customer service team can turn this retention hurdle into an exciting opportunity for upselling and cross-selling.

Failed payments are yet another reason why your BFCM revenue might not meet your expectations. Maximum spending limit, insufficient funds, card expiry, or human error can all lead to lost revenue. Our experts will share tips and techniques on the best ways to recover failed payments. 

Great customer service starts with LTVplus.

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