LTVplus Live Chat Plans

Every Plan Includes:

Agent Training

We ensure our agents are kept up-to-date with your online business through your knowledge base, resources and agent training.

Customer Success Optimization

We work closely with you and your data to optimize your customer success processes, setting up the relevant success metrics and KPis.

Back Office Support

Our agents provide back office support during their work hours outside of live chat, handling the legwork for you to focus on business growth.

Live Chat Agent

starting at

US$ 2,000 / month

Per Agent

+ Fluent English Speaker
+ Bilingual/Multilingual On Request
+ 160 Hours Per Month
+ Billed Monthly
+ No Setup Fee
+ No Hidden Fees
+ Add/Remove Agents At Anytime
+ Cancel At Anytime


If you want to focus only on pre-sales chat, you can still have your live chat agent gather all the needed information from your customer, create a support ticket and escalate the issue to the relevant customer support agent.

Our agents are trained at handling the full spectrum of live chat duties and overcoming different situations that occur. They are also provided a short refresher before they embark any new assignment. Your website, product and service manuals, and previous samples of your email, phone call and live chat correspondence with your clients help them understand your business better and prepares them before they go live.

We support all kinds of live chat software as our agents are trained to use any tools. Their skills to deliver quality live chat does not change.

We understand that you may have doubts about outsourcing live chat to another company. To walk you through the processes and benefits from live chat outsourcing, we recommend submitting your interest through our contact form and one of our representatives will get in touch to provide the answers to all your queries before you begin offshoring with us. Only after getting a clear understanding of our business model, skills of our agents, prices, turnaround time, and the way we work with our clients, we can begin working together towards growing your business by increase your customer’s lifetime value.

We never compromise on the security of your data, credit card details, logins, and/or passwords and have implemented stringent data security measures to ensure complete confidentiality of your information. Our staff is made to sign non-disclosure agreements and any data security breach is severely penalized.

Fill up the sign-up form and have a chat with one of our representatives. It will help us in drafting a customized service contract for you. Once you receive the contract, you can sign off on it to accept it. We will then start recruiting and/or training our staff for the stipulated time period as per your business requirements and they will start answering your customer’s emails, chats and/or phone calls thereafter.

From the moment we begin working together, it takes us about 3 weeks to have your agents trained and ready for live chat.

Our agents are capable individuals who are dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible. During their free time, they can provide supplementary services such as answering support tickets or helping with documentation.

There is no minimum contract period and you are free to terminate the contract after giving us a two-week notice in advance.

Work commences only after the receipt of payment in advance. We have the right to terminate, suspend, or put work on-hold in case of payment delays.

There are no hidden fees. We only charge one fixed price per agent, and we handle all incentives and benefits on our end to make sure you only have happy agents representing your business.

Yes you can. Simply let us know and we’ll have the replacement(s) ready within 2 weeks.

Yes we do provide 24/7 coverage. You would need a minimum of 5 agents, but the actual team size would depend on the size of your traffic and requirements.

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