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Building great software is half the battle. Start delivering outstanding customer service that translates into renewed subscriptions and five-star app ratings. Our agents onboard new users, deliver seamless, personalized service, and wow customers with fast technical support.
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Omni-channel SaaS customer service that keeps your users happy

Our agents get your customer service off the ground with skills and tools that allow your core team to focus on business growth while we delight your users with timely support and eradicate frustration.

What we do

In a fiercely competitive SaaS landscape, top-notch customer service is a fast lane to revenue growth. Whether you’re a next-gen SaaS venture with a growing user base, an established enterprise, or a dev team looking to collect feedback for a beta version, we take care of your customer support and retention. Our customer service agents are here for you every step of the way, impressing your users with fast answers and providing onboarding and tech support at scale.
Customer support agent

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Virtual & payroll assistant
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Voice support
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Customer onboarding support agent
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Customer success manager
Customer onboarding support agent
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Business analyst
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Technical support agent

Don’t see the role you need?

Every SaaS business is unique. If you’re looking for a custom solution or need to crack a particularly tough challenge, we’re all ears.
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Immersed in your SaaS

With LTVplus, you don’t get generic customer service that keeps redirecting all technical questions to your devs. Our agents learn your product profoundly to understand pain points it solves, features, use cases, FAQs, integrations and what’s next on the roadmap.

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Awesome Motive needed a reliable Failed Payment Recovery specialist to help make sure on-time payments happen.  They also needed an experienced professional to handle the payment recovery.

LTVplus offered them the solution to hire a failed payment specialist who could reach out to their customers with declined transactions and work with them in processing payments.

“Working with the team at LTVplus has been nothing short of excellent – their customer service is world-class. Almost immediately, we saw great results and a positive ROI. We’re very thankful to have LTVplus in our corner.”
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Syed Balkhi

CEO, OptinMonster & Awesome Motive

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$ 0 k
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Effortless onboarding for customer success from D1

Your users are looking for real human support to unlock the full potential of your software right after they signed up. Our agents help shorten their learning curve and make the onboarding process joyful and fast. No more dreaded account setup with your users searching for setup tips in multiple tabs.

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Understand your customers and market

Running a SaaS business means learning and collecting a wealth of information – from trial conversion rates and monthly recurring revenue to churn rates and failed payments. And not just that – collecting user feedback is your gateway to building better software and improving your marketing and sales efforts.

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Grow your SaaS business with confidence

Whatever the stage in your business journey, we’re here to help. Start providing exceptional customer service to your users and turn them into loyal customers who make your software the heartbeat of their businesses.

We handle the full cycle – hiring, training, setup, QA, and management of your customer support team. Focus on taking your SaaS business to new heights while we improve your customer success KPIs.

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Caseproof needed a reliable Failed Payment Recovery specialist who would make sure on-time payments happen.

With LTVplus, Caseproof had a reliable partner who recovered more than 640 payments resulting in more than $117,000 in recovered revenue in just 9 months.

“Using LTVplus’ Failed Payment Recovery service has been fantastic. They’ve helped us recover any payments that would otherwise be lost and have provided the clearest reporting you’ll ever see. The ROI here has been huge … using LTVplus for Payment Recovery is just a no-brainer!”
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Blair Williams

Founder of Caseproof & MemberPress

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Discover how LTVplus can help you jumpstart your SaaS business

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