Customer service outsourcing for beauty & cosmetics brands

The secret to success in the ever-evolving landscape of the beauty and cosmetics industry? Your brand needs to become a friendly and helpful personal beauty consultant to your customers – and do this at scale. Our personalized beauty concierges are here to do all the heavy lifting for you.

“LTVplus not only helped us integrate the new channel but also educated us on industry best practices, significantly increasing our website’s Average Order Value and enhancing our Return on Investment.”

– Stacy Reyes. RoC Skincare

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Fast, scalable and professional customer service

From product recommendations and questions about ingredients and formulations to guidance on skincare routines and makeup application techniques – your customers have a lot to ask. We’re here to provide fast, helpful answers that convert into recurring purchases.

What we do

Beauty consumers have high expectations for product performance and customer service. Our customer service agents serve as your beauty concierges, offering personalized poduct recommendations and guidance.

That's not to mention addressing concerns about allergic reactions, shipping delays, or order discrepancies. We handle these nuanced inquiries with precision and care to turn one-time deal hunters into loyal customers of your brand.
24/7 availability
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Color and shade matching
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Multilingual beauty consultants
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Omnichannel customer service
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Social media management
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Beauty product education
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Payment and billing queries
Post-purchase feedback
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Return and exchange coordination

Don’t see the role you need?

We offer managed customer service that adapts to any beauty and cosmetics business. If you have a unique challenge that's not listed above, we’re all ears.
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For more than 65 years, RoC continues to bring innovation and groundbreaking technology to the skincare industry. As RoC’s operations continued to scale, it was getting harder to clear the backlog of support tickets that kept piling up—which greatly affected the overall customer experience.

LTVplus provided a dedicated team of experienced, highly skilled, and qualified customer service agents who could handle tickets promptly and help build strong connections with their customers.

“We have been partnering with LTVplus since early 2022, initially for phone and email support. Impressed by their performance, we expanded into live chat support. They not only helped us integrate the new channel but also educated us on industry best practices, significantly increasing our website’s Average Order Value and enhancing our Return on Investment.”
Stacy Reyes

Stacy Reyes

Customer Service Manager, RoC Skincare

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We handle highly individual inquiries at scale, fast

Navigating through complex product ranges or collections, finding the right color or shade as well as compatibility with other products can put your customers off, leaving you with hundreds of abandoned carts. We’re here to speed up the customer journey. 

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We ensure 24/7 customer service presence

We help you provide accurate and up-to-date information on product availability to your customers, especially during peak seasons or promotional events. 

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At the rate the brand was growing, Bully Max needed a reliable  customer service team that could support their customers beyond business hours, increase sales conversions, and improve the overall customer experience.

LTVplus further tailored the solution and provided a team of four agents who could handle inbound live chat, support tickets, social media comments, and incoming calls. As a result, sales and revenue increased over a year with over USD $ 1M in sales revenue.

“After we started working with LTVplus, our customer support revenue increased by over 120%. If you’re not working with LTVplus, you’re leaving money on the table.”
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Matthew Kinneman

CEO and Founder, Bully Max

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We back you up with trained and skilled staff

Our customer success team is a valuable addition to your in-house team. With our round-the-clock support, your customers receive assistance whenever they need it, ensuring they always feel pampered and valued.

Managed customer service for your beauty and cosmetics brand

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