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How RoC Skincare Achieved a CSAT Score of 4.68 out of 5 with a Dedicated Chat Support Team

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The Story of RoC Skincare

For more than 65 years, RoC continues to bring innovation and groundbreaking technology to the skincare industry. Their legacy includes the first-ever hypoallergenic skincare formulations, the first broad spectrum UV protection in sunscreen, and even the first over-the-counter Retinol product. 

RoC’s award-winning products are recognized globally for their efficacy, clinically-proven benefits, and cruelty-free stance. They continue to partner with leading dermatologists to develop scientifically-based products that deliver only the best skin care for customers.

The Challenge

As RoC’s operations continued to scale, it was getting harder to clear the backlog of support tickets that kept piling up—which greatly affected the overall customer experience.

RoC knew they needed help in the form of highly-qualified agents who could assist in launching their planned chat support.

The Solution

RoC needed a dedicated team of experienced, highly skilled, and qualified customer service agents who could handle tickets promptly and help build strong connections with their customers. Their ideal customer service agents were those who were tech-savvy, had a working knowledge of cosmetics and skin care, a high level of empathy, and the ability to learn quickly. 

While LTVplus initially provided two dedicated agents to handle email and phone support, RoC Skincare scaled to five agents with one dedicated to chat support.

The LTVplus Approach

1. Dedicated agents

LTVplus initially provided dedicated agents who studied the company, its products, and customer cases. Their experience in customer support and knowledge of skincare and cosmetics were key factors in ensuring that they could provide quality support.

Tidio was eventually introduced as chat support was launched. The team also used Shipmonk and Shopify as the order management tool. 

2. Customer success team

The dedicated customer service agents were managed by a Customer Success team from LTVplus that was responsible for making sure RoC Skincare’s objectives were met. 

The team was composed of:

  • Customer Success Manager
  • Onboarding Manager
  • Team Coach
  • Business Analyst
  • Quality Analyst

The Results

From October 2023 to March 2024, RoC Skincare received over 1,905 chat messages. The dedicated team from LTVplus handled these with the following results:

Building upon their foundation of success, RoC Skincare has reached new heights when it comes to providing quality customer service to complement their top-notch products. Today, the team aims for continuous improvement as they work towards exceeding industry standards.

This journey only shows that RoC is truly dedicated to deliver the best—and the LTVplus team is ready to assist.

“We have been partnering with LTVplus since early 2022, initially for phone and email support. Impressed by their performance, we expanded into live chat support. They not only helped us integrate the new channel but also educated us on industry best practices, significantly increasing our website’s Average Order Value and enhancing our Return on Investment.

We are consistently impressed and grateful for the proactive support from their management and operations teams, who are always ready to assist. The flexibility offered by LTVplus is invaluable. It allows us to adjust our level of involvement based on our current business demands, which is especially crucial during peak seasons. During these times, they proactively offer coverage suggestions based on our forecasts. They allow me to be hands-on when I can, and they work autonomously when I’m not available.

 We value our ongoing relationship with LTVplus and highly recommend them to anyone in search of a reliable customer service agency.”

Stacy Reyes

Stacy Reyes

Customer Service Manager

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