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Managed customer service for healthcare companies

Outsource your customer service to LTVplus and focus on providing top-notch medical care while we handle the intricacies of patient support. We are HIPAA compliant.
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Your LTVplus advantage

Whether you’re a small clinic or a large nationwide network, we offer flexible outsourcing solutions to adapt to your needs. Start scaling your support team as your patient base grows, without compromising on the quality of patient support.

What we do

Our team deploys a combination of specialized training, technology solutions, and a commitment to patient-centric care to help you boost your patient satisfiction rates. Start delivering compassionate and helpful patient service at scale.
24/7 availability
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Live chat support
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Multilingual support
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Omnichannel patient service
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Telehealth support specialist
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Reservation booking services
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Payment and billing queries
Medical concierge
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Patient care coordinator

Don’t see the role you need?

We offer managed customer service that adapts to any healthcare company. If you have a unique challenge that's not listed above, we’re all ears.
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Live chat

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We handle appointment scheduling and coordination

We know that managing patient appointments, rescheduling, and coordinating with medical staff can be challenging, especially in large healthcare facilities with high patient volumes. We do all the heavy lifting for you.

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Pink Lily was in need of a reliable and experienced customer service team to handle the whole customer journey – from the first engagement to post-sales customer care.

LTVplus offered them the solution to create a team of 4 agents who could take care of inbound live chat, support tickets, and social media comments.

“LTVplus has been nothing short of amazing! They have helped our company provide excellent customer service and improve our service level tremendously.”
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Tori Gerbig

Co-founder & CEO, Pink Lily

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We ensure HIPAA regulatory compliance

Our customer service team members are HIPAA certified and we can ensure complaince with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. 

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At the rate the brand was growing, Bully Max needed a reliable  customer service team that could support their customers beyond business hours, increase sales conversions, and improve the overall customer experience.

LTVplus further tailored the solution and provided a team of four agents who could handle inbound live chat, support tickets, social media comments, and incoming calls. As a result, sales and revenue increased over a year with over USD $ 1M in sales revenue.

“After we started working with LTVplus, our customer support revenue increased by over 120%. If you’re not working with LTVplus, you’re leaving money on the table.”
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Matthew Kinneman

CEO and Founder, Bully Max

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We manage complex inquiries and patient calls

From patient calls and complex medical inquiries to last-minute cancellations and questions about insurance coverage and medical bills – the patient service specialists are true frontline superheroes. 

We empower healthcare companies with compassionate patient support

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