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How Bully Max Achieved 120% Increase in Customer Support Revenue With Dedicated Customer Experience Agents

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The Story of Bully Max

Bully Max is the World’s No. 1 performance supplement for dogs. Designed to be healthy and safe for all breeds, the supplements can simply be added to dogs’ meals to boost their size and muscle mass.

Matt Kinneman, CEO and founder, had worked with dogs for most of his life starting 20 years ago when he trained police dogs. However, he couldn’t find a specific brand of dog food that could keep up with the nutritional demands of his dogs. So he consulted experts and veterinarians to come up with the healthiest and most delicious dog food formula—Bully Max was born.

Today, Bully Max continues to be the #1 rated and reviewed brand with a 96.8% customer satisfaction rating based on public reviews—the highest rating in the industry.

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The Problem

As Bully Max continued to grow, the need to level up their customer support became evident. Originally, their in-house customer service team operated Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

In short, they needed a reliable customer service team that could support their customers beyond business hours. Additionally, the team needed to be experienced in handling the whole customer journey for customers—from the first touchpoint to post-sales customer care and engagement.

The Solution

Bully Max needed a dedicated team of well-trained customer experience agents to help increase sales conversions and revenue while improving the overall customer experience. LTVplus further tailored the solution and provided a team of four agents who could handle inbound live chat, support tickets, social media comments, and incoming calls.

Bully Max Screenshot
Bully Max Screenshot
Bully Max Screenshot

The LTVplus Approach

The solution provided by LTVplus consisted of three major parts: dedicated agents, a customer success team, and the right tools.

1. Dedicated agents

The initial team was made up of four customer experience agents. In less than two months, four more agents were added to compensate for the increasing volume of tickets and calls.

All of the agents continued to undergo constant training and were coached repeatedly, to ensure a smooth launch and integration with the Bully Max team.

2. Customer Success team

The dedicated agents were managed and monitored by an assigned LTVplus customer success team. The customer success team was primarily responsible for ensuring that the dedicated agents hit their goals.

The team was made up of the following:

3. Customer Success toolkit

Apps our team used

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Phone System
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eCommerce software
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Subscriptions payments

Live chat, emails, Facebook, and Instagram DMs all came in as tickets through Gorgias (a helpdesk designed specifically for eCommerce) and calls were managed through Aircall (a cloud-based call center software). The team used Shopify to handle the order and returns management, and Recharge to manage subscriptions.

Switching to Gorgias helped BullyMax handle support tickets from various platforms on a single screen. This helped reduce the time needed to solve tickets.

Bully Max has two accounts with Aircall which they use for sales and support. Bully Max’s shipping department now also utilizes Aircall.

The power of collaboration
Aircall actually integrates with Gorgias. Used together, the LTVplus team was able to streamline workflows, leverage call data, and effortlessly elevate the customer experience.

Meanwhile, the Gorgias and Shopify integration was used to monitor satisfaction and conversion rates, while eliminating manual data entry.

The Results

While Bully Max was able to scale their customer support to 24/7 availability, the entire customer experience also improved. As a result, sales and revenue increased over a year. Other results included:

Eventually, the LTVplus team transitioned to also helping Bully Max even during business hours.

“Working with LTVplus has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made to date. Initially, our company offered 9-5, M-F support, and our internal team struggled to provide the support that was needed to retain customers. LTVplus made it possible for us to offer 24-7 customer support and helped provide the best possible customer support.

This is critical for keeping customers happy, and for customer retention.

After we started working with LTVplus, our customer support revenue increased by over 120%. If you’re not working with LTVplus, you’re leaving money on the table.”

Matthew Kinneman

CEO and Founder, BullyMax

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