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How Divbrands Hit $600,000+ Revenue With Live Chat Managed by LTVplus

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Meet DIV Brands

DIV Brands is a global, remote working eCommerce company, focused on data-driven decision-making to launch unique D2C apparel brands to specific audiences across the globe. They research, develop, and build their brands on “impulse” marketing platforms.

They specialize in creative production, with regional creative hubs that make agile, data-backed creatives that convert sales. Each brand, product, and piece of creative content is “glocalised” for their various local, regional, and nationally diverse customers around the globe.

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DIV Brands was in need of a reliable customer service team to help support their customers. They needed an experienced team of professionals to handle pre-sales inquiries from their customers and lead them towards making a purchase.


A dedicated Customer Experience team of well-trained agents was the solution they needed to increase sales conversions, revenue, and improve overall customer experience. The initial engagement started with just 2 live chat agents, which later on grew as DIV Brands’ chat volume went up.

1. Dedicated agents

From the initial 2 agents, the team grew to 11 live chat agents in 2021. This was a result of DIV adding more brands into their portfolio and marketing campaigns for them, which drove traffic to those brands’ websites—translating to chat inquiries from customers. From providing only pre-sales support, the support coverage eventually expanded to include order status inquiries, returns, and cancellations.

2. Proactive chat engagement

With LiveChat as the platform, website visitors were initially greeted by a chat bot. They were immediately offered assistance a few seconds after landing on the website. After the customer states their concern, a live chat agent would then take over and assist the customer further.

3. Customer Success team

Their pre-sale live chat team was managed by an assigned Customer Success team that made sure to hit the goals of the business.

The team consisted of:


With DIV Brands’ partnership with LTVplus, their sales experienced a tremendous increase, and customer experience with customer support improved in 2021.

We particularly appreciated the flexibility LTVplus gave us with regards to managing our customer support volume, both on emails and chat. Their professional team has been particularly helpful around our peak periods, which allowed us to eliminate backlog and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction throughout the year.

LTVplus’ support was a precious addition to our business.

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Daniel Aksioutine

Head of Operations and Business Development


*data from Jan 1, 2021 to Dec 31, 2021

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