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GiddyUp's Journey to Zero Unsolved Tickets with 95% One-Touch Resolution by Utilizing Dedicated Agents

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The Story of GiddyUp

GiddyUp is a partner marketing network and performance platform in one. They aim to bring the latest innovations in front of the public by helping brands and partners in their marketing strategies.

More than anything, they take pride in the products they market. As a result, every product goes through a rigorous and comprehensive selection process to ensure that these are all in line with GiddyUp’s vision and values.

Since 2013, GiddyUp has already launched more than 150 DTC brands across verticals, generated over $1 Billion in total brand revenue, and acquired 10 million+ customers in 30 countries. Optimized conversion strategies, performance-based partnerships, and cutting-edge technology greatly contribute to these results, and GiddyUp consistently draws traffic and revenue for its clients daily.

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The Problem

GiddyUp and LTVplus have worked together since 2019. By the end of 2020, they resolved a huge email backlog of more than 1,000 tickets. After this, ticket volume slowed down to a crawl in 2021 and for the most of 2022. However, in August, the ticket volume started picking up again. Q4 presented a huge challenge—GiddyUp had 1000% more tickets compared to the previous year. 

While automation had been put in place by GiddyUp to manage the volume, it was still becoming too much for the team to handle. 

The Solution

Additional manpower was needed to be able to manage the input of pertinent customer information for the automation to work smoothly and seamlessly in the background. 

GiddyUp website screenshot
GiddyUp website screenshot
GiddyUp website screenshot

The LTVplus Approach

The LTVplus team provided additional manpower and further tailored the solution to include dedicated and well-trained customer service agents and a customer success team.

Dedicated agents

GiddyUp required not just more staff, but also highly skilled, dedicated, and experienced customer service representatives. LTVplus was not only able to hire and recruit dedicated agents but also to train and set them up for success within a short amount of time.

Customer Success team

The dedicated agents were managed and monitored by a designated customer success team from LTVplus. The customer success team was primarily responsible for ensuring that the dedicated agents hit their goals consistently.

The team was comprised of the following:

Apps our team used

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Shipping & fulfillment

The Results

GiddyUp was able to tackle the huge volume of customer service tickets and improved the overall customer experience as a whole. 

Other results included:

“We’ve been working with LTVplus for several years now and couldn’t be happier with the level of support we’ve received.

Not only do they handle agent training extensively to educate new employees thoroughly on what kind of support we offer and how to manage the system, but they also offer a stellar level of support to our customers.

When we’ve needed to add additional agents during the holidays, onboarding is quick and easy. We also refer other companies we work with to LTVplus should they be looking for customer support externally.

They are highly recommended and should you need a support agency, look no further—you won’t find anyone better to support your needs no matter what size organization you have.”

Elizabeth Stone at GiddyUp

Elizabeth Stone

Customer Service Manager, GiddyUp

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