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How LTVplus helped Pink Lily generate more than 500K in revenue

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Meet Pink Lily

Pink Lily was born from an eBay shop that started as a side hobby. Today Pink Lily is one of the fastest-growing online retailers in America, bringing women an ever-changing assortment of apparel, footwear, and accessories. 

“Our growth has been quick, but it hasn’t changed who we are.”

Pink Lily is still a family-owned and family-run business, proudly based in their hometown of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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The Challenge

Pink Lily was in need of a reliable customer service team to help support their customers. They needed an experienced team of professionals to handle the whole customer journey for their customers – from the first engagement to post-sales customer care.

The Solution

A dedicated Customer Experience team of well-trained agents was the solution they needed to increase sales conversions, revenue, and improve overall customer experience. LTVplus offered them the solution to create a team of 4 agents who could take care of inbound live chat, support tickets, and social media comments.

Pink Lily Screenshot
Pink Lily Screenshot
Pink Lily Screenshot

The LTVplus Approach

1. Dedicated agents

The initial team consisted of 4 customer experience agents and within 2 months, 4 additional agents were added to make sure the increasing volume of tickets were taken care of (60% jump since June 2020), and Pink Lily’s move to Shopify went smoothly. All conversations with customers were managed through Re:amaze for live chat and email support. The team used Shopify to handle the order and returns management.

2. Customer Success Team

Dedicated customer experience agents were managed by an assigned LTVplus Customer Success team that made sure the agents hit the desired goals of the business.

The team consisted of:

The Results

The main benefit for Pink Lily was the customer experience was improved and sales and revenue increased over the past four months (June-October).

Pink Lily was extremely happy with LTVplus customer support team, and we continue to provide both pre-sale and customer support to help them deliver great customer experiences.

“LTVplus has been nothing short of amazing! They have helped our company provide excellent customer service and improve our Service Level tremendously.

Knowing that we have knowledgeable agents available to assist our customers at any given time has provided us peace of mind and taken a huge load off of our shoulders.”

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Tori Gerbig

Co-founder & CEO

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