Boosting Customer Satisfaction: REALTAKAI Reduces Resolution Times by 73% with AI Tools leveraged by LTVplus

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The Story of REALTAKAI

In 2018, the fashion industry was on the cusp of a digital eCommerce change. A young and visionary entrepreneur, Jay Farin, recognized the potential of eCommerce in transforming the way people shopped for clothing. Influenced by his Japanese heritage, he wanted to create a platform where people who love Asian-style fashion can shop—effectively merging the worlds of eCommerce and fashion.

REALTAKAI’s name is a fusion of “real” and “takai,” the latter being a Japanese term meaning “luxury.” Jay’s primary goal was to make high-quality fashion accessible to everyone, breaking down the barriers of cost and geography.

At the heart of REALTAKAI is its innovative online platform that continues to provide a curated selection of clothing, footwear, and accessories that express art and individuality.

REALTAKAI home page

The Challenge

The brand expanded internationally, shipping to fashion enthusiasts worldwide. As REALTAKAI’s reputation grew, it became apparent that they needed to enhance their customer service for their growing customer base.

There were over a hundred support tickets in the backlog, and their response time was way over the industry standard of 24 hours. REALTAKAI also wanted to look into the possibility of personalizing customer interactions for improved satisfaction and retention.

As a supporter of digital progress, Jay was also interested in analyzing the impact of AI on customer satisfaction and business growth.

The Solution

REALTAKAI needed a team that could help them leverage AI tools for enhanced customer experiences. LTVplus tailored the solution and provided a dedicated team of three agents who could handle customer service and use the chosen AI tools and tech stack seamlessly.

REALTAKAI products
REALTAKAI products

The LTVplus Approach

The solution provided by LTVplus consisted of three major parts that contributed to its success: a dedicated virtual assistant, quick turn-around time, and a customer success team. 

1. Dedicated agents

The team was composed of three dedicated agents. The agents had to fully understand the key goals and objectives of REALTAKAI and its customers.

All emails to customers were managed through Gorgias integrated with Yuma AI. Shopify is the backend app supporting the website orders and is the app for loyalty programs.

2. Customer Success team

The dedicated customer service agents were managed by a Customer Success team from LTVplus that was responsible for making sure REALTAKAI objectives were met. 

The team consisted of:

3. Expertise and experience with AI tools

Together with LTVplus, they utilized Yuma AI which leverages LLMs (Large Language Models) and integrates seamlessly with the Gorgias app. 

Utilizing the LLMs or machine learning, REALTAKAI developed recommendation algorithms that could suggest personalized replies based on a customer’s question. Customers could now receive immediate responses to common questions regarding product availability, sizing, shipping, returns, and WISMO (where is my order) queries. 

By leveraging AI-powered tools, we significantly reduced response time for our agents while maintaining a friendly and professional tone. This led to increased customer satisfaction and a notable boost in our customer support team’s five-star rating.

Apps our team used

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The Results

These efforts by LTVplus in combination with REALTAKAI’s vision and the use of AI tools led to a phenomenal improvement in customer experiences:

Additionally, the integration of AI and the continued good performance of the customer service team allowed the increase of positive sentiments in customer interactions.

The customers’ comments showed that LTVplus agents identified and addressed issues promptly, improving customer satisfaction, and reducing negative feedback.

“LTVplus has been the foundation of our brand’s service and customer loyalty. They’ve been able to get back to our customers in a timely manner consistently.

I know I can always count on the team when it comes to our customer service and support. With them, I’ve been able to allocate more time into growing the brand.”

Jay Farin


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