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How TekReplay Achieved a 100% SLA Compliance Rate and 91.92% CSAT with Dedicated Customer Service Agents

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The Story of TekReplay

TekReplay is a leading provider of refurbished consumer electronics. They specialize in selling quality refurbished Macs, iPhones, and iPads at competitive prices.

They provide high-quality renewed technology at an affordable price that customers and customers’ wallets will not find daunting. TekReplay remains committed to diligent, rigorous testing of products that have now become crucial to people’s everyday lives.

Today, TekReplay continues to source, renew, and sell the highest quality tech products. Additionally, their unique and personalized buying experience provides innovative technology all over the world.

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The Problem

As TekReplay’s business operations scaled, they needed to have a more robust customer service strategy. However, the turnover rate of their customer support agents had been problematic.

They were in need of qualified agents who could handle customer calls and emails in a timely manner while retaining a positive attitude. Furthermore, they valued customer service agents with a keen eye for detail who could diligently record precise notes on customers’ profiles following every interaction.

In short, they needed strong customer service agents to support their thriving business.

The Solution

TekReplay needed a dedicated team of experienced, highly skilled, and qualified customer service agents to handle tickets in a timely manner while increasing conversions and improving the overall customer experience.

LTVplus provided the solution with two dedicated agents to handle email and phone support.

The LTVplus Approach

The solution provided by LTVplus consisted of three major parts that contributed to its success: a dedicated virtual assistant, quick turn-around time, and a customer success team. 

1. Dedicated agents

The plan consisted of providing two dedicated agents who could fully understand the key goals and objectives of Tekreplay and its customers. The experience was a key factor here as they needed to be able to communicate with customers clearly and effectively, without getting overwhelmed. 

All emails and phone calls with customers were managed through eDesk and Aircall. The team also used Shipstation for shipping and return inquiries. 

2. Customer Success team

The dedicated customer service agents were managed by a Customer Success team from LTVplus that was responsible for making sure TekReplay’s objectives were met.

The team consisted of:

Apps our team used

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Help Desk
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Shipping & Fulfillment
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Phone System

The Results

In less than a year, TekReplay received more than 86,000 customer contacts. The dedicated agents handled these with the following results:

“LTVplus has been one of the best decisions that TekReplay has made for our customer service department.

LTVplus handles all of our incoming calls and emails professionally and accurately. Due to the nature of our business, it’s imperative that our customer service agents have high attention to detail as all customer accounts must be properly notated when any communication occurs—and LTVplus was able to provide agents that clearly understand the importance of this.

We are also able to trust that our LTVplus agents will handle each customer with the level of importance and care that they deserve.”

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Amanda Moore

Business Development Manager, TekReplay

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