Top 3 Proven Benefits of Chatbots Your Business Can Reap Today

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Over the past few years, the popularity of chatbots grew. A few years ago 80% of businesses said that they want to have chatbots on their websites by 2020. This is largely due to the fact that there are many benefits of chatbots at a relatively low cost. If you’ve been thinking about adding a chatbot to your own website, here are 4 main benefits that you will get.

Benefits of Chatbots in Customer Service

First of the benefits of chatbots is the ability to quickly respond to customers. When customers have a question, they want to get an answer right away.

According to one study, 75 percent of online customers expect to get help within 5 minutes. If you take longer than this to respond, you could miss a sale.

With chatbots, you ensure that you always provide an answer to customer questions, even when you are offline or busy chatting with other customers.

66 percent of adults said that valuing their time was a top thing a business could do to provide them with a good online experience. Another 70 percent of consumers said they were willing to spend more money with a company that provides great customer service.

When you add these facts up, you can see that responding to your customers faster, and therefore giving them a better customer experience, is more beneficial for your business.


1. Increase Conversion Rates

Another big benefit of chatbots is the ability to increase your conversion rates. When a potential customer visits your website, they are looking to learn more about your company. Maybe they want to know what type of products you have available or need information about the service you provide. If your live chat team is offline and don’t have a chatbot in place, customers might spend hours browsing through your website trying to find the information. This takes time, and the harder it is to find the information they want, the more likely they are to leave.

46 percent of people say waiting for a page to load is the thing they like least about browsing online. If your users must browse through multiple pages to find information, this only increases the number of pages they need to wait for. And, even just a one-second delay in page load can decrease your conversions by 7%.

So while you can focus on speeding up your website, it might be better if your customers could get the information they want without having to browse.

Once your chatbot starts having conversations, it gathers a lot of information about your customers, their needs and most frequent questions they ask. This is valuable information that you can use to improve your services or update the information on your website. For example, if a lot of people are asking a certain question, this would tell you that you need to provide a better answer and a solution on your website. Another great use of chatbots is that you can set it up to suggest similar products to the one your customer just purchased, in an attempt to upsell.

Between making it easier for customers to find the information they want and smart upselling techniques, chatbots are the perfect tool for increasing conversions.


2. Reduce Employee Workload

Efficiency is a major key to any successful business. You want your best people working on the most important tasks, rather than wasting their time on smaller matters. Chatbots can do things like answer simple questions and help people complete a purchase. So your customer service team won’t have to spend their time doing this. They can then use their time to better answer harder questions.

Email remains one of the most popular customer service channels, with 54% of people saying they have used it in the past year.

With so many people using email, your customer service team may become overwhelmed. It takes time to respond to every email you receive. Having a chatbot in place to respond to simple customer requests can help and enable agents to focus on more complex requests.


3. Save Money

Finally, and perhaps most important of all benefits of chatbots is that they can save you money.

One study suggests that by 2022 chatbots will help businesses save $8 billion per year.

This comes largely from the reduction in employee workload. Unlike employees, chatbots don’t need sick days, they can work around the clock, and they never get tired.

With chatbots handling a significant portion of your customer service, you won’t need a large team and they can work fewer hours.

Think of all the money you spend on staff. There’s the interview process, the training, the salary, and the benefits – not to mention ensuring you have a big enough office to accommodate everyone. Ideally, you want to hire less but to still be able to provide exceptional customer service and products. Chatbots help eliminate the need for more employees, thereby saving you a lot of expenses.


Start Receiving Chatbot Benefits Today

Between improving customer satisfaction, saving money, and improving your conversion rates, adding a chatbot to your website makes sense. This affordable customer service tool will help your business in a number of ways and they only get better as the technology improves. Take some time to explore chatbot options for your own website, then get started implementing this vital tool.

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