Top 5 Shopify Language Plugins [Pros and Cons]

Top 5 Shopify Language Plugins

Translating your e-commerce business into other languages is a complicated mission. If you run your business on Shopify, you are in luck! You can benefit from Shopify language plugins that are available in the Shopify App Store. In this article, we reviewed the top plugins to help you grow your business overseas.

Shopify for the Win!

Having a Shopify multilanguage website has a lot of benefits. For instance, preparing your online shop for internalization is easier than a custom website. Translating the functions of your online shop as well as the static text is an essential part of it. Some Shopify language plugins allow show owners to choose between auto-translating the whole content and adding translators to the website as team members. Moreover, the cost of translating your Shopify website will be lower than a custom website. Finally, the advanced SEO functions provided by many plugins will allow your potential customers to find you through the search engines.


Top 5 Shopify Language Plugins

1. Langify

langify is one of the most popular plugins for Shopify. It has been developed by Johannes Hodde (Founder and CEO of Lovely Apps). The plugin is also known for its wide selection of integration options and theme support. Without any doubt, there is a reason why langify made it to the top of our list and how it gets a high rating on the Shopify app store.
langify - shopify language plugin


  • Automatic language detection and redirection.
  • Image translation support.
  • It allows to import and export in CSV, PO/MO (gettext), XLIFF and JSON file formats.
  • Allows integration with Recomatic Related Products, Cross-Sell, Gift Reggie, Store Pickup + Delivery, Searchanise, Instant Search +.


  • langify does not allow translations of the products, notifications and custom shipping/payment texts on the checkout page.
  • It does not support auto translation.
  • $17.50 per month might be costly for small shop owners.


2. LangShop

LangShop is developed by DevIT to enable shop owners to add multiple languages to their Shopify stores without any coding skills. The plugin offers comprehensive support for your needs to reach out to international customers. LangShop is also known for the successful translation support for the Chinese.
langshop - shopify language plugin


  • LangShop supports auto translation.
  • Multiple currency switcher is available.
  • Advanced SEO support features such as multilingual sitemap.
  • It supports API for developers.
  • Extended documentation is available on their website.


  • $17.99 per month might be costly for small shop owners.
  • The custom API interface is only available for advanced membership packages.


3. Multi Lingo

Multi Lingo is a translation tool for your Shopify store. It uses the existing theme translations and allows the shop owner to enter translations for the static content. Additionally, it works with Yandex translation engine to support automatic translations on a per-item basis. With Multi Lingo, you can simply select the theme you want to translate, and a multi-language copy of your theme will be created in which you can enter your translations.
Multi Lingo - shopify language plugin


  • Multi Lingo provides advanced SEO support by keeping the SEO related content on the localized page.
  • Automatic translations on a per-item basis is available.


  • It does not support sub-domains.


4. Multilingual shop ‑ GTranslate

Multilingual shop ‑ GTranslate is created for Shopify users to translate their shops to other languages. The plugin is integrated with Google Translate and allows automatic translation. There are different levels of their membership for the needs of shop owners at a different scale of operation.
Multilingual shop ‑ GTranslate - shopify language plugin


  • Multilingual shop ‑ GTranslate offers free membership for the basic needs of the Shopify shop owners.
  • Supports URL translation.
  • The fifteen-day trial enables shop owners to try the plugin and see if it is what they are looking for.
  • Paid features offer advanced SEO support.


  • It does not have an import/export function.
  • The unlimited language option is not available in the free version.


5. Weglot Translate

Weglot Translate allows you to add multiple languages to your Shopify store. The plugin automatically detects the content on your website through the source codes and translates it. It can also detect the preferred browser languages of your customers and automatically redirects them. Weglot Translate provides advanced SEO functions for your website.
Weglot Translate - shopify language plugin


  • Redirecting customers based on their preferred browser language.
  • The editor tool enables you to translate your content directly inside your website design.
  • Weglot Translate offers different levels of membership.


  • It does not provide sub-domain support.
  • The plugin does not have an import/export function.
  • The unlimited language option is not available in the basic membership.


Comparison of Shopify Language Plugins

After presenting the highlights of the top Shopify language plugins, we created the comparison chart below. We added essential functions for each plugin and compared them based on the basic packages.

Name Price Free trial Sub-domain Support Unlimited Languages Import/Export Function SEO Support
langify $17.50/month (7 days)
LangShop $17.99/month (3 days)
Multi Lingo $7.99/month (5 days)
Multilingual shop ‑ GTranslate $5.99/month (15 days) ❌¹ ❌²
Weglot Translate $11.14/month (10 days) ❌³

¹ Unlimited language support is only available in advanced packages of Multilingual shop ‑ GTranslate.

² Advanced SEO support functions are only available in advanced packages of Multilingual shop ‑ GTranslate.

³ Unlimited language support is only available in advanced packages of Weglot Translate.


It’s Time to Go Global

Reviewing the top Shopify language plugins showed us (once again) how easy it is to run your business on this platform. Similarly, Magento also offers many extensions for similar tasks.

As a shop owner, all you have to do is choose the right tools for your needs and start developing your strategy to enter the international market.

With the right budget, tools, and effort, you can increase your revenue by going global!

Need a dedicated customer experience team ready to support your brand?

Book a consultation with us and we’ll get you set up.

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