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What our customers say

How LTVplus helped Pink Lily generate more than 500K in revenue

LTVplus has been nothing short of amazing! They have helped our company provide excellent customer service and improve our Service Level tremendously.

Knowing that we have knowledgeable agents available to assist our customers at any given time has provided us peace of mind and taken a huge load off of our shoulders.

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Tori Gerbig pink lily

Tori Gerbig

Co-founder & CEO, Pink Lily

Here’s how customer support can improve customer LTV

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Revenue increase

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Customer retention

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Optimized operations

Improve customer LTV at every touchpoint

Provide solid support to your customers and experience business growth. 

With LTVplus at the helm of your customer support team, your email, social media, phone, and even live chat platforms are covered.

How to get started with LTVplus

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Talk to our experts

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We build and train your customer support team

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We help you grow your business and improve on your KPIs

Build your own outsourced customer service team today.

We provide omnichannel customer service teams for hypergrowth startups, mid-sized companies, and multinational corporations.
Be it expanding locally or internationally, you need a reliable outsourcing partner that can support your growth needs.