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Why ChatCreate

ChatCreate is a unique chatbot solution that works with the most popular live chat and helpdesk tools. By integrating these two tools together, you will be able to solve over 50% of live chat conversations automatically.

Connect and automate

When you connect ChatCreate with your preferred help desk tool, chatbot automatically analyzes all your Chat history and tries to detect all of the recurring support issues. Once done analyzing the issues, it will suggest the ones it can help automate for you. You can then decide which ones you want to automate.

If your customer enters an inquiry that the chatbot does not understand your chatbot will automatically transfer that request to a human. That way, you will make sure that your human team takes care of all complex tasks at hand and the chatbot takes care of the minor requests and messages automatically.

Analyze and monitor

There are two things that you can monitor with ChatCreate:


When you set up your account and add all the automation you need, this is where you can track and analyze your chatbot’s performance. You can see all the data instantly, but it will take some time and a certain number of conversations to actually see the overall performance — and if there is any need for improvements.

You get to see:

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Number of conversations within a specified period of time

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Percentage of solved issues

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What questions that people ask the most

Chat history

Each conversation that a chatbot has is marked according to its status. Keep in mind that you should only evaluate how well the bot is performing since agent chat history is not recorded here.

You can filter chats with different statuses:

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ChatCreate Integrations

ChatCreate chatbot can be integrated into popular help desk software that is currently available on the market.

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How LTVplus can help you with ChatCreate

LTVplus live chat agents have extensive experience when it comes to working with chatbots. Our team can help you with:

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Creating the initial automation

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Setting up answers to the most common questions

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Analyzing data

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Training bots

Our live chat agents can also help extend your existing customer service team and help you with providing exceptional service to your customers. They can take on conversations that chatbots can’t resolve in any time zone and language.

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