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Organize and streamline customer communication and ensure your teams responds quickly and effectively to customer queries with Freshworks & LTVplus.

Why Freshworks?

Freshworks provides intelligent customer engagement software for businesses of all sizes, making it easy for teams to win customers for life. Their SaaS products are ready to go, easy to use, and offer quick returns on investment.

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Unify your support channels into one place

The time-consuming and stressful process of transferring customer support queries from one channel to another can be made easier with the Freshworks helpdesk. You don’t have to worry about lost context or information when the whole conversation with the customer can be found in the helpdesk.

Businesses need unified responses for customers no matter what channel is being used; this way your company maintains consistency as well as efficiency so that less satisfaction will go unrewarded while also maintaining good relationships between the business and your clients.

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Gain insight into support agents performance

Businesses often don’t have insight into how well their support agents are performing and need to monitor data like customer queries, responses, resolutions in order to know when they might be short-staffed.

With a built-in analytics and customizable reports, Freshworks helps managers understand the performance of their agents. If there is an issue that needs attention, such as underperforming members, managers can act quickly and provide additional training to their staff.

Understand your customers better

A helpdesk is one of the most powerful tools in a business’ arsenal. Help desk software enables you to glean insights about your customer needs and wants, which can then be transformed into product changes or process tweaks that improve ticket deflection rates and increase customer happiness ratings.

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Proactively help your customers with a knowledge base

A knowledge base can help businesses better understand their customers and find the information they need to succeed. A well-documented K Base will make it easier for customer support, as you would already be able to answer most people’s questions without having to ask them what is bothering them or why they are reaching out in the first place. This saves your team time and makes sure that only those who truly require assistance have access at all times.

Automate tasks to scale your team

You don’t have to worry about manually assigning tickets and tracking who’s working on what anymore.

With helpdesk automation, you can set up automated notifications when a query remains pending for more than two days so that your agents are always in the loop. You’ll also be able to create manual workflows with agent roles based on ticket assignment tags – which means no need for human input!

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Create context around a customer’s journey

There are countless ways for customers to reach out when they need help. Sometimes, their situation is resolved quickly and easily with a chat message or email response from customer support representatives; other times the issue requires more time and attention – which unfortunately still isn’t always enough!

A common complaint among businesses is that high-priority tickets get lost in cyberspace as agents struggle to keep track of all requests across different channels (chat messages, emails, live chats). This can lead them either giving contradictory advice on how best solve an account’s problem or mistakenly sending too many solutions without having really addressed the underlying root cause. By using a helpful desk solution though, you’ll be able to ensure your business has everything it needs in one place so employees have.

How can LTVplus team help you

We can help you out with the whole setup of Freshworks

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Creating internal automation to manage tickets more efficiently

Integrating Freshdesk and Freshchat

Exporting data to create meaningful reports and analytics

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