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The ultimate helpdesk platform for your Shopify store. Power up your customer service with a comprehensive omnichannel platform and a team of live chat experts from LTVplus.

Why Gorgias

Gorgias is a helpdesk platform that helps you transform your customer support from a cost center into a profit center.

Gorgias empowers over 1000 e-commerce merchants to manage their whole customer service in one place.

Facebook, emails, chat – all in one unified platform integrated with Shopify.

Chat and ticketing tool

Email, chat & messenger

Gorgias is an all-in-one help desk tool for Shopify merchants. They got you covered every step of the way – from live chat, email, social media support to ticketing. A great feature of Gorgias is that you can enable the email capture prompt so even when you are offline, your leads will never be unattended.

Get the full customer picture

Gorgias pulls out the back-office information from Shopify and provides the agent with all the relevant information about a customer:

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Order information (e.g tracking numbers)

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Customer reviews

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Loyalty points

Add live chat to your store

Easily integrate the live chat widget with your Shopify store and provide your customers with the best customer service possible.
You can guide them through the shopping process, initiate conversations with shop visitors and increase conversions.

Show greetings

If you wish to engage with your customers on specific pages of your web store, you can do that by setting up chat message prompts. That way, you can proactively engage with them, offer them assistance and answer any of the questions that they might have.


This feature helps customer service to better organize and handle customer inquiries. Every ticket you receive can be tagged for easy filtering and organizing.

You can also assign tickets and distribute them to your agents, so there is no duplicate work. Once the ticket is assigned to an agent, everyone on the team can see who is working on it.

If you need help from your teammates, or you need to transfer a ticket to someone else, there is an option to add internal notes and mentions.

gorgias ticketing
gorgias automation and canned responses

Automation and canned responses

Save time on support tasks that are repetitive. You can create rules that will trigger a specific action – send a reply, add a tag to the ticket, and many more. This automation will help you and your team to focus on more complex tasks.

If you choose to automate replies, you can do this with canned responses. Using macros and information about customers from the Shopify store, you can customize your responses. Once the customer receives an automated reply, it is completely personalized.

Reporting and analytics

Measure customer satisfaction

Send satisfaction surveys right after answering your customer and get their opinion at the right time.

Monitor your team’s performance

Gorgias provides major customer service metrics to help you better understand customer requests. Measure first response time, resolution time, and track satisfaction score. Then, send your statistics to your preferred business intelligence tool.

Convert your support team into a profit center using revenue statistics

Start measuring the impact of chat on sales and see how much money your support team is generating from support.

gorgias reporting and analytics

Reward your agents on customer conversions and revenue generated from pre-sale tickets.

Gorgias integrations

There are three main categories of apps that work really well when integrated with Gorgias:

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Support channels

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Business apps

Once you integrate your Gorgias account with any of the 20+ apps available, you can pull user data and perform actions directly in Gorgias — without the hassle of switching between apps.

Setting up Gorgias

With a comprehensive tool such as Gorgias, you can provide the best possible customer service to your Shopify store customers.

That’s where LTVplus customer service agents can help you.

Our response time dropped from 20 hours to 30 minutes. Signing up with Gorgias was definitely the best decision!

Corinne Johnson

Retail Operations Manager, Rothy’s

How LTVplus experts can help you

Increase visitor engagement, conversions, and ultimately, revenue with our team of trained and experienced agents. They know Gorgias inside-out and can help you every step of the way:

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