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Power up your online retail store with a comprehensive chat software – LiveChat. LTVplus live chat agents will take care of all incoming inquiries and proactively engage your website visitors to increase sales and conversions.

Why LiveChat

LiveChat is one of the best customer support solutions available on the market. Over 25,000 companies in 150 countries have been using LiveChat as a platform to engage with their website visitors.

This platform can serve many different industries and their needs. From e-commerce to real estate, the variety of tools can be used for online sales and marketing, along with customer service and web analytics.

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Chat and ticketing tool

The chat widget can be easily added to any website and customized to reflect the brand of the company. With the LiveChat tool ready on your website, you can proactively engage with website visitors with automated greetings, which will result in better conversion rates and higher customer satisfaction ratings.

You can choose from:

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Two chat window types (pop-up or embedded)

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Six pre-made themes for minimized or maximized chat window

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Custom chat window logo and social media buttons

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Custom CSS editor that can provide your live chat window with more flexibility and looks that appeal to your visitors.

Chat and ticketing tool ​

While chatting with your customers, you get a sneak-peak at what they are typing so you can prepare and provide the answers to their questions in no time.

You can see where the customer is coming from, their basic contact information and what technology they are using while browsing through your website — as well as the history of all the pages they have visited on your website.

LiveChat has an integrated ticketing tool, that collects inquiries from clients — even when you are offline. You can easily resolve and tag all tickets from chat and email within the LiveChat platform.

Reporting and analytics

You have the ability to monitor your website users in real-time. See what page they are on, proactively engage with them and help them with placing an order or choosing a product.

LiveChat also has a built-in analytics tool that helps you measure your chat and ticket resolution success. You can also generate reports for each agent individually – analyze the number of chats, time spent with the customer or chat invitations. This can help you in the evaluation and get the chance to improve your team’s performance.

What you can do with LiveChat

Customer service and support are essential for the success of an online retail business. With LiveChat, you can generate leads, turn visitors into customers and improve customer satisfaction.

Every new chat is a potential lead that you get at no extra cost. Collect all qualified leads and transfer them to your preferred CRM and nurture those leads until they are ready to buy your product or service.

When you are engaging with your visitors via chat, they are 6.3 times more likely to turn into paying customers. That’s why LiveChat is a great sales channel that can bring additional ROI to your business.

Conduct surveys, learn more about your customers and build personal relationships. This will help you build brand loyalty with your customers and increase customer retention by 30%.

What you can do with LiveChat

LiveChat Integrations

LiveChat has over 130 integrations with other tools that will help provide even faster and more accurate service. You can chat with your customers, send leads to your CRM, manage orders and payments, all within LiveChat interface

There are 4 different categories of apps that you can integrate with LiveChat:

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E-commerce apps

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Help desk apps

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Analytics apps

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CMS integration

How LTVplus can support LiveChat with manpower

Setting up a tool on your website is just a first step towards success. The second step is having expert-trained live chat agents that will take good care of your customers. Our highly-trained and experienced live chat agents, not only how to provide the best customer service, they know their way around LiveChat as well.

They can easily jump in if you already have LiveChat setup on your website, or help you with setting it up from scratch.

How it works

We take care of your LiveChat every step of the way:

Set up your account by adding

  • Customer Service
  • Representatives
  • Departments
  • Canned responses
  • Triggers for auto messages
  • Conversion goals

Create automated reports that capture key metrics

Connect social media profiles with your LiveChat account

Provide 24/7 live chat and support coverage for your website

We use @LiveChat and really love the capabilities and UX!

Sarah Naughton


I want to thank @livechat too!! We have used them for the past 10 years and recently, after an upgrade, had a problem in a magento install, yet they hung in there and the support team worked their magic. Thanks to all! ‏


@LiveChat your product is amazing, really helping us to support clients and create clients’ loyalty at Thank you.



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