LTVplus Partners with Siena CX to Revolutionize Customer Service through Empathic AI

LTVplus x Siena CX partnership

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Siena CX, a pioneer in empathic AI customer service. 

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the customer support industry. We hope to create a new era of personalized and efficient customer interactions.

We’re excited for this partnership and what it means for our clients and other businesses looking to elevate their customer service system. If anything, this partnership only cements our commitment to ridding the world of bad customer experiences, and cooperating with Siena CX holds a wealth of exciting opportunities to explore.

Tshili Khupe, Head of Growth & Partnerships, LTVplus

Siena CX’s autonomous chat platform combines human empathy and intelligent automation. Together, we aim to transform how businesses engage with their customers by making customer service interactions as natural and as engaging as possible. 

Partnering with LTVplus isn’t just about blending tech and touch—it’s about setting a new gold standard in customer experience. Together, we’re reimagining the potential of AI and human synergy, one interaction at a time.

Lisa Popovici, CMO & Co-founder, Siena CX

What this partnership aims to achieve

Enhance customer experiences

Brands will be able to deliver more personalized and empathetic customer interactions by crafting various AI personas.

Deliver unprecedented efficiency and scalability

With Siena CX, businesses can deliver instant and accurate responses across all channels and in 100+ languages. This allows them to scale seamlessly without compromising on the quality of service. 

Create a revolution in commerce

Siena CX delivers the complete set of tools: from FAQ and product knowledge, order tracking and return policies to subscription management, social media and community.

Together, LTVplus and Siena CX are at the forefront of reshaping commerce and customer support. It’s not just about responding to inquiries; it’s about creating lasting connections that drive success.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and developments led by this new partnership as we lead the charge in redefining customer service for the better.

For more information about Siena CX, feel free to connect with them here.

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