Maximize productivity with virtual assistants

Go from juggling a million tasks that keep sending your blood pressure up to peace of mind, clarity, and a calendar with the time to focus on your business priorities. Our virtual assistants deliver energy, order and joy to your daily activities, taking over the most time-consuming and repetitive tasks. Bring your backlog, we’ll handle the rest.
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What we do

Enjoy closing tasks and crossing off the items on your agenda. Our virtual assistants take over a wide range of administrative roles, so you can focus on core functions and get a head start to achieve your goals. Stop feeling hectic with your work, see what you can accomplish with LTVplus VAs.
Calendar management
Email management
Research and data entry
Administrative support
Event planning
Social media
Travel arrangements
CRM management
Sales outreach research
Voice support
Appointment scheduling
Troubleshooting guidance

Need a specific skill?

If you’re looking for a specific skillset that you didn’t find on our list, we’re all ears.
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We work with your favorite tech stack

We hit the ground running right away. Our virtual assistants are tech-savvy and can work with your preferred tools and software to ensure seamless integration into your business processes. 

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Abstrakt Marketing needed a reliable, detail-oriented, and highly-skilled Virtual Assistant who could support their Sales Managers in accomplishing website audits and delivering to potential clients.

LTVplus ensured that the dedicated Virtual Assistant had the right experience, skills, training, and mindset to deliver the desired outcomes with accuracy and efficiency.

"LTVplus has done a great job understanding our goals, aligning with those goals, and delivering at a high level"
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Doug Yocco

Director of Digital Strategy, Abstrakt Marketing

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Monthly recurring revenue
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Boost productivity and accelerate growth

Get your focus back on business priorities, growth and innovation. Our VAs help you connect, create and collaborate with your team, partners and vendors to drive your ideas and projects forward.

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Get more done with less time and resources

Life is packed with a never-ending to-do’s hassle. Create a task list, prep your coffee and let your VA sync with you once everything’s ready. With our support, you achieve more with less.

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Say goodbye to assistant turnover

Tired of dealing with the headache of assistant turnover? Let us handle the hiring and training process so you can focus on activities you love. End the cycle of spending time and resources on constant hiring, training, and re-hiring assistants.

Start with personalized plans that fit your unique business needs

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