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Why Segmentify

Segmentify is a great addition to any e-commerce or content website. It helps with gathering data on every site your customer visits, whilst simultaneously collecting data from your website using machine-learning technology. Combining that data with real-time customer insights and buyer behavior enables you to reach out to each customer with perfectly tailored product recommendations.

Whether it’s engaging new customers, increasing the order size of one-time buyers, or turning lost customers into loyal fans, Segmentify ensures that every customer receives a unique experience tailored to their personal preferences and needs.

Segmentify solutions

Segmentify is a tailored solution to match your business’ requirements and needs. The installation on any website simply requires you to add a special code to your website’s source code.

Segmentify has several solutions that will help you boost your business revenue by 20%.
This is what Segmentify can do for your business:

Personalized product recommendations

Based on the collected customer data your live chat agents can recommend personalized products to the customers, based on their actual needs and requirements.

Personalized emails

Leverage your newsletter subscriber and customer lists. With the Segmentify and MailChimp integration, you will be able to send out personalized emails that are tailored to each customer.


Group all of your customers and leads into defined, easy to use segments that will help you position and target your audiences better, increasing your conversion rates and ROI.

Real-time conversion analytics

Segmentify’s Reports feature lets you track the performance of all your products and how they are performing in real-time. See which categories are underperforming and invest efforts and resources into improving the conversion rates for those product categories. This feature will also help you with product and banner positioning, and tracking its performance – impression, clicks, sales.

Personalized push notifications

Update your customers with the latest discounts, new products, and items on sale with personalized notifications. Get returning customers by sending push-notifications about complementary products (based on the shopping history of your customers).

Segmentify process

Collect Visitor Data

Track the behavior of each visitor, such as page views, clicks and past purchases to make 1:1 personalized recommendation.

Segment Visitors

Analyze visitor data to create customer micro-segments and assign them into those segments according to their behavior.

Identify and Group Similar Products

Identify, group and prepare different products for the purpose of offering alternatives, upselling, and cross-selling products.


Match products with customer segments to offer the best possible shopping experience.

Continuous Learning

Collect feedback and improve your product recommendations and services.

Output as Insights

Perform detailed analyses of the performance of your products and campaigns, and get the valuable insights that will help you create future campaigns.

Segmentify integrations/ extensions

Segmentify has integration with MailChimp. The integration is ready in three days and you can start sending personalized emails.

Whether it’s for retargeting, upselling or just nurturing purposes, you can track and analyze the performance of all emails and campaigns.

Segmentify also has free plug-ins for Chrome and Firefox browsers that enable you to run it in the test mode.

Segmentify integrations

How can LTVplus help you with Segmentify

Setting up Segmentify is super easy and it only takes adding a snippet of code into your website and you are all set. However, for monitoring and making use of your Segmentify account, you need a trained and experienced specialist.

LTVplus has a team of dedicated specialists that can help increase the sales and conversions of your business. They are trained and experienced in using Segmentify and MailChimp. They can seamlessly create and implement email campaigns and take care of your online visitors by suggesting them products based on their needs.

Our Average Order Value increased by nearly 25% as well as checkout abandonment rate decreased by 10%. All in all impressive numbers.

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Head of Marketing,

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