Managed Live Chat and Customer Service for Online Retailers

Live chat outsourcing is proven to increase
e-commerce conversion rates by 11X

Learn how live chat outsourcing boosted OptinMonster’s revenue growth.

I was hesitant to use an outsourced live chat representative service on our site. But the results from LTVplus speak for themselves.

Our e-commerce conversion rate is 11x higher when a person completes a chat vs an average website visitor. My only regret is not using LTVplus sooner on our site.

Syed Balkhi

CEO, OptinMonster

Reduce costs and expand your business worldwide

Providing a great customer experience should not cost you a fortune. Save time and money with outsourcing that delivers only the best customer service to your shoppers anywhere in the world.

ltvplus customer service representative

Respond to your customers at any time of the day

Customer service does not have to be affected when your team is busy. Respond to your customers instantly with customer service outsourcing so you and your team can focus on high-value activities.

Fast chat responses

Shorter resolution times

Coverage in any timezone

24/7 customer service

Increase sales with AI-powered customer service teams

Connect with your customers in their language

Make your customers feel at home with representatives who speak the same language. Our customer service teams are fluent in the languages you need to build personal connections with your customers — all while keeping your brand voice.

English-fluent specialists

Multilingual agents

Translation services

24/7 coverage

Improve your business with real-time customer feedback

Learn what your customers really want and the problems they face. We collect data from all live chat, email and social media interactions to help you improve your product offerings and optimize your customer service.

Weekly reporting

Monthly optimizations

Identify recurring topics

24/7 feedback loop

How to get started

Book a consultation

Tell us your customer service and language needs so we can help you scale your business.

Build the foundation

We study your business, chat transcripts, past tickets and brand voice to build the knowledge base to train your team.

Integrate with your business

We set up the technology needed and work alongside your colleagues as team players.

Gather customer intelligence

We analyze the collected data to create weekly reports that we review with you on our weekly call.

Deliver the best customer service

We improve using the reports created to deliver the best customer service possible.

Why a dedicated team?

The only way to provide the best customer service is to know your business inside-out.

When representatives live and breathe your brand, they learn it and know it by heart to grow together with you.

Taking great care of your customers is not only morally the right thing to do, it also makes a ton of financial sense.

David Henzel

CEO, LTVplus

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