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How Abstrakt Marketing Closed 500+ Website Audits in 9 Months With a Dedicated Virtual Assistant

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The Story of Abstrakt Marketing

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Abstrakt Marketing Group is a business growth agency that serves more than 1,700 clients nationwide. 

As a full-service lead generation company, Abstrakt offers both inbound and outbound solutions to grow its clients’ businesses by ensuring their pipelines are always full of quality leads. 

Abstrakt has grown a lot over the past decade, and they show no signs of slowing down.

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The Challenge

Abstrakt Marketing offers free website audits for potential clients as this was a proven and effective way for Abstrakt to showcase their expertise. 

In 2022, Abstrakt Marketing needed help in completing potential customers’ website audits so they could deliver faster. They also wanted an experienced team member that would be in it for the long run—who would always prioritize their customers’ needs and make them feel valued. 

In short, they needed a trustworthy support system that could directly contribute to the growth of their business. 

The Solution

Abstrakt Marketing needed a reliable, detail-oriented, and highly-skilled Virtual Assistant who could support their Sales Managers in accomplishing website audits and delivering to potential clients. 

LTVplus ensured that the dedicated Virtual Assistant had the right experience, skills, training, and mindset to deliver the desired outcomes with accuracy and efficiency. 

Abstrakt Marketing website screenshot
Abstrakt Marketing website screenshot
Abstrakt Marketing website screenshot

The LTVplus Approach

The solution provided by LTVplus consisted of three major parts that contributed to its success: a dedicated virtual assistant, quick turn-around time, and a customer success team. 

1. Dedicated virtual assistant

The VA had to be ready to hit the ground running. LTVplus ensured that the Virtual Assistant was proficient in research and the different tools that were needed to complete the audit logs and monitor sales conversions and revenue. Within two weeks of working with LTVplus, the position was filled.

2. Quick turn-around time

Immediately after Abstrakt Marketing provided a one-pager document of the website audit process, the LTVplus team assigned a practice case to the hired VA. Within two weeks of starting the role, the hired VA was already knocking out the pre-determined target of 8 audits a day—with no mistakes. 

Having a dependable VA working on the audits gave the Abstrakt team some much-needed peace of mind and assurance. They could now proceed with worry-free presentations of the audits’ findings, which resulted in successful sales pitches.

The Results

Within 9 months, Abstrakt Marketing was able to generate 90 sales—a 16% conversation rate contributed solely by the LTVplus team’s effort. Previously, Abstrakt’s sales team was swamped with audit tasks and couldn’t focus on their core competencies of interacting with potential clients and closing sales.

Other results included:

As of today, Abstrakt Marketing’s sales team is actually ahead of their target pipeline.

“LTVplus has done a great job understanding our goals, aligning with those goals, and delivering at a high level. June has been very proactive at every step of the way with her team and continued to coach them as needed! 

Our product and process are very technical and they have been able to execute at the level we needed so we could supply our clients/prospects with audits that have, in turn, closed almost $2.3MM in annual revenue for our Inbound division. 

We honestly couldn’t have done it without June and the LTVplus team and we look forward to a long partnership that will continue to grow!”

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Doug Yocco

Director of Digital Strategy, Abstrakt Marketing

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