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How OptinMonster increased e-commerce conversion rates by 11X through live chat

E-commerce conversion rate now 11 times higher
Avg. session value of a person now 15.9 times higher
85% satisfaction rating from live chat agents


You have optimized your website to maximize your conversion rate, but it just isn’t enough. What if you could get more out of your e-commerce business by helping your customers succeed once they are on your website? In this case study, we’ll share how OptinMonster increased their e-commerce conversion rate by 11 times through the use of live chat provided by LTVplus.





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Meet OptinMonster

If you’ve experimented with different ways to get more email subscribers and customers on your e-commerce website, you would probably already know OptinMonster.

However, if you’ve never heard of it, OptinMonster is a conversion optimization software that helps convert abandoning website visitors into email subscribers and customers. Having served more than 21 billion Optins and improved conversions for businesses ranging from startups to enterprises, over a billion people see a website with OptinMonster on it every month. Customers that use it see huge increases in their subscriber growth and overall sales.

About Syed Balkhi

Syed Balkhi is the co-founder and CEO of OptinMonster. A successful online marketer and an award-winning entrepreneur that has been featured in Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, WashingtonPost, FoxBusiness, VentureBeat, and countless other top publications, he is a frequent speaker on the topics of lead-generation and growth hacking. He also started WPBeginner.com in 2009 with a single goal: create WordPress tutorials that are easy to understand. Something that he wish he had when he was first starting out.

He was kind enough to sit down with us and share how working with LTVplus to provide 24/5 live chat coverage is increasing the conversion rate of OptinMonster’s website greatly so other businesses like yours can learn from their experience.

Syed Balkhi

A Little Background

Prior to the end of 2017, OptinMonster was experimenting with live chat by having one shift covered with one live chat agent. As the business offers only email-based support, and as their product grew, they started seeing an increase in pre-sale questions that needed answering. They decided on live chat to answer those pre-sale questions in real-time and wanted to make more sales faster – improving their First Response Time for pre-sale questions.

This live chat option was only visible on the pricing page, and visitors that were checking their prices could chat with the agent during the shift to get queries resolved. Seeing small increases in conversions from the live chat experiment, OptinMonster was not entirely convinced that having in-house live chat available 24 hours on weekdays would greatly boost the site’s conversion rate. On top of that, they had concerns that people might use live chat as live support chat instead.

Syed’s goal was simple: Convert more website visitors into paying customers round the clock.

How OptinMonster Works With LTVplus


OptinMonster began working with LTVplus at the end of 2017. They wanted three live chat agents onboard to support visitors 24/5, covering all hours of their business during the work week. A major concern they had was the cost of hiring locally as it would be costly and might not have given a good return-on-investment.

We got on a call with Syed, discussed the different possibilities for live chat and offered to provide an affordable live chat solution — outsource three dedicated LTVplus live chat agents to OptinMonster that were handpicked at an affordable rate. Once the starting team was settled, he would then scale the team with our help.

We kickstarted the process by scouting for talents with great English that could support US visitors on OptinMonster’s website. Once they were onboarded by OptinMonster’s operations and support team, they were ready to rock and roll.

To prevent any mix-ups with support but still provide a great experience for site visitors, the live chat agents would ask the right questions and create the relevant tickets for customers seeking support. That way, the customer and OptinMonster’s support team are set up for success through live chat.

OptinMonster Success story

Results of Working with LTVplus

After only 3 months of having a full day shift supported by LTVplus, OptinMonster achieved the following:

As the live chat team exceeded expectations, OptinMonster hired a third live chat agent with LTVplus to provide 24/5 coverage.

They are now looking to further increase the size of their team as they focus on growing the business faster with the legwork of live chat handled by LTVplus, and the lifetime value of their customers increased.


Syed’s final word on LTVplus was:

“I was hesitant to use an outsourced live chat service on our site. But the results from LTVplus speak for themselves. Our e-commerce conversion rate is 11X higher when a person completes a chat vs an average website visitor. My only regret is not using LTVplus sooner on our site.”

We are truly excited to be a part of OptinMonster’s growth, and we want to thank Syed for taking the time to share all these wonderful insights with other e-commerce businesses

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