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5 Proven Reasons Why Multilingual Customer Support Boosts Revenue

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There comes a time when your domestic market becomes saturated. Your e-commerce brand no longer scales as fast as you would like. With global accessibility available today, have you considered going global?

Are you providing multilingual customer support to support that growth?

According to CustomerThink:

  • 71.5% of customer service leaders claim that support in a native’s own language increases satisfaction.
  • 74% of customers are more likely to repurchase or use services again when after-sales care is available in their own language.

If you have not considered global expansion, here are 5 proven reasons why multilingual customer support boosts revenue for your brand.

1. Access new markets to increase sales

Cross-border commerce is growing year-on-year. According to Spiralytics, there will be 2.1 billion digital buyers worldwide in 2021 — that is up from 1.66 billion in 2016. E-commerce in Europe states that around 200 million European consumers buy from abroad electronically. 

Check which foreign market(s) drive the most sales for you at present. If you do not already have customer support for those markets, get a multi-language team together and start. Customers will have a better impression of your brand and remember you.

Tip: You can test the market(s) with your current English-only team. Use the translation feature of live chat software like LiveChat to communicate with foreign customers for a start. Measure the impact multilingual live chat has on sales. You can then take the necessary steps in using translation technology or building your own multilingual customer support team.

2. Create localized customer experiences

Once you have your team in place, you can get multilingual live chat up and running. Live chat can help you communicate with your customers very quickly in their native language. Live chat is also proven to increase conversion rates by 11X. You only stand to benefit from this communication channel through sales, better customer experiences and gaining customer intelligence.

Customers will definitely appreciate the effort you put in to create a localized customer experience for them. This results in more sales and brand promotion for you.

Tip: Besides hiring live chat agents for language fluencies, you want to make sure that your agents have experience working with the markets you need. This helps greatly if they are based in the same country as your demographics. If not, experience and research will help greatly.

3. Be cost-effective with multilingual agents and technology

When you build your own multilingual customer support team, getting agents who speak more than one language will help you with cost efficiency. Instead of hiring two agents who are fluent in one language, why not hire someone who has great fluency in both? The only consideration would be to make sure he or she has experience in the markets you need help with. Multilingual agents will definitely reduce costs for your business in the long run.

You can also take it one step further with translation technology such as Unbabel, where seamless multilingual support is their mission. Through the combination of machine translation and help from native speakers, Unbabel is able to translate your tickets and chats at scale so you save even more money. You may not need a big team of native speakers as a result.

Tip: Do your research as to where you should hire your staff so you know which languages are covered when you hire agents. You want to make sure your agents have as much coverage in languages as possible so you improve your language support capabilities from the start.

4. Provide 24/7 multilingual customer support

When you build or outsource your multilingual customer support team, chances are, most of your team members are remote and all over the world. That geographical benefit alone will help you in providing 24/7 multilingual customer support. A global team means worldwide coverage for your brand so you no longer have to restrict working hours.

The faster you respond to a customer, the better (quality first, of course).

With your 24/7 multilingual customer support team, your customers can get fast responses and resolutions. This only creates great customer experiences.

Tip: When structuring your support team’s schedules, be sure to consider whether they will be working in the day or the night in their time zones. Agents function better during the day and you as a company have the ability to make sure they lead quality lives as customer support agents who work daytime hours where possible.

5. Transform customer support into a profit center

So how do you convert your contact center or call center into a profit center?

For a start, use multilingual live chat to increase the conversion rates of pre-sale inquiries that come through. These are opportunities for your teams to address concerns, sell suitable products, and possibly upsell as well.

Once your visitors become actual customers, your team should be ready to tackle possible refunds, chargebacks, disputes or failed payments. When you have an extended multilingual customer support team, you have the manpower you need to turn things around — especially when urgent tickets come through. Customer support outsourcing is also one other way to help you generate more profit by reducing the operational costs of running a multilingual customer support team.

Tip: Find a trusted multilingual customer support outsourcing partner that understands your brand, your niche, and has extensive experience in the industry you are in. A strong partner is one that is able to generate both sales and reduce operational costs through customer experience.

Drive growth with your own multilingual customer support team

Setting up your own multilingual customer support team can be challenging. You want to first find out which foreign markets you would like to support. Once you have those markets, start researching for countries that have fluency in the languages you need help with. These countries should ideally share cultural similarities with your target markets. This will help with the localization of customer experiences and not cause any disruptions.

If this proves to be too much work for you, feel free to reach out to us for a quick consultation. Let us see how we can help you set up your multilingual customer support team to drive growth for your business.

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