Guide for Designing your localized online store

The design of the website is as important as the content.

The translation of your content is simply not enough when you want to increase the conversions of your localized cart.

You have to make sure that the design is following both the context and the cultural preferences of each market.

What may seem logical to one may not work for another market

The Swiss are known for clean, simple and minimalist designs. Minimalism rules in Scandinavia too, with an additional focus on natural materials and textures.

Spanish consumers favor eye-catching typography, textures, bright colors (especially red) and interesting patterns.

French design often relies heavily on images and artistic typography.

It’s important to observe each country separately

For example, Europe has 50 countries and no two are the same.

Do thorough research for each country you are planning to target so you can give clear instructions to your graphic designer.

You could also outsource this task to a multilanguage design studio.


Try securing the country-specific top-level domain that is appropriate for your brand ( or .es). If the domain is not available, think about creating a localized brand name.

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