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Why Comm100

Comm100 provides a comprehensive, all-in-one communication platform for customer service, sales and marketing purposes. It gives your customer support team the ability to quickly answer questions, solve problems and keep your customers happy.

It connects all your important channels – live chat, email, social media into one powerful platform. Live chat that is powered by AI will reduce the response time and provide the most accurate answers to your customer’s queries.

Chat and ticketing

Real conversations, personalized, in real-time. Most customers now prefer to chat with your brand before they make a final decision. That’s why having an efficient, plug-and-play live chat widget is important for any business.
With Comm100 live chat, you will meet your customer’s needs, provide the best experience and save money.

Comm100 Live Chat is available for any digital property you have – website, mobile or app. Provide exceptional customer service to your customers wherever they are and whenever they need you.


The wonderful thing about Comm100 Live Chat is that it enables your CSRs to get on a video or audio call with the customer right within the chat widget, making the experience unique and personal.

Your customer success reps can better serve your customers with another great feature – requesting to view the customer’s browser or even request for remote control, so you can fix the issues for them right there and then.

If you want to go above and beyond for your customers, there are Multi-channel ticketing and Social Media features like:

Sending files

Tagging conversations and filtering for faster response times

A knowledgebase

The ability to communicate via SMS


Managing social conversations

Sorting, labeling, and prioritizing conversations

Another great feature of Comm100 platform is Chatbots. Human-trained bots that make sense of the language, grammar, and human expression so they can assist your customers without compromising the quality and your brand’s reputation.

Reporting and analytics

With Comm100, you will have 18 reports with over 80 different metrics that will help you understand your customers and give you insights into your customer success. With this information, you will be able to improve your services and products.

All reports can be filtered by website, department or chat agent.

Under the Reporting tab, you will find these reports:


Chat Volume

Chat Source


Wait time

Chat Transfer



Canned Messages



Post-chat Survey

Pre-chat survey


Manual invitation

Auto invitation

Offline Messages

Comm100 integrations

To increase the productivity and efficiency of your team, Comm100 offers a variety of integrations with the most popular sales and marketing tools:

CRMs - Salesforce

Social media platforms

SMS integration

Zapier integration

Zendesk integration

Website builder integrations (WP, Drupal, Jumla)

E-commerce (Shopify)

“Comm100 is a great way to interact with customers in real-time. Instead of taking 24 to 48 hours to respond to a request for information through our ‘Contact Us’ form, we can get it to the sales team instantly”

Joanie Gentile


Power up your Comm100 account with LTVplus CSRs

Aside from a reliable and comprehensive communications platform, your business needs experienced and well-trained customer success reps.

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By outsourcing your customer service to LTVplus, you will make sure your customers are taken care of in the best possible way.

Our CSRs are experienced with using Comm100 - from setting up your account to generating detailed reports on a daily or weekly basis.

For more information, schedule your free consultation.

Learn more about how Comm100 and LTVplus CSRs can help your business grow.