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All-in-one helpdesk platform for your SaaS solution or eCommerce shop. Support, Engage and Convert Customers with the help of LTVplus Re:amaze live chat experts.

Why Re:amaze

Re:amaze provides the solution for support, engagement, and helps convert website visitors into paying customers.
Every business that is in need of a helpdesk platform can start with Re:amaze — ranging from startups to eCommerce businesses that have multiple storefronts. It helps with:

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Reducing live chat response time

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Saves money

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Enables proactive visitor engagement


Chat and ticketing tool

The live chat widget is easy to implement on any website, which gives you the ability to chat in real time. You have the ability to set up canned responses to prevent website abandonment and engage with your visitors with pre-defined rules and responses. Using different modes in chat, you can even collect names and email addresses when the chat starts.

Respond, annotate and stay in the loop with what is going on — all in one inbox. You are able to manage conversations from multiple channels, such as email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and much more.

A shared inbox gives you the ability to work together with your team, track conversations, and jump in if necessary.

The self-service portal is another really useful feature of Re:amaze. You can create branded self-help content for one or many brands, with a powerful and fully customizable FAQ feature. It is easily embeddable on the website, in-app or in the Re:amaze chat.

Reporting and analytics

Re:amaze offers a robust and detailed way to measure and report the performance of your customer service efforts and individual staff member performance.

There are different types of reports that you can look into:

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Volume report

An overview of the activities for incoming customer requests.

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Response Time report

How fast your team responds to an incoming request.

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First Response Resolve Rate

How successful your team is at resolving customer requests with just one reply.

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Average Thread Size

How many messages there are within a specific thread.

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Appreciations report

See which replies are good and which ones need to be improved.

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Workflow report

Shows the number of times an automated workflow was applied to the conversations, based on filters and criteria your team has set.

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Satisfaction Rating report

The average customer satisfaction ratings based on surveys.

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Response Template Usage report

Understand which response templates are being used the most.

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Tags report

Which tags are being used the most.

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Outbound report

Shows the number of all the messages that your team sends to the customers as well as the most recent messages.

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Staff Summary report

Shows an overall team performance.

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Individual Staff report

Detailed report for an individual agent and their performance.

Re:amaze also has the Live feature, where you are able to monitor and track visitor activity, how many people are viewing your website and their detailed customer profiles. By tracking this information you will be able to send out targeted messages based on their activity, time zone, and geolocation.

Re:amaze integrations

Re:amaze can be integrated with over 30 different productivity apps that can help you with automation and synchronization of all conversations with customers and team members.
Depending on your business needs, there are several categories of apps that you can integrate with, such as:

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Email Marketing

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Social Media

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Re:amaze integrations

Leverage Re:amaze with the help of LTVplus Experts

You want to make sure your online business is set up for success and that you can provide exceptional customer service.

The first step is choosing an appropriate helpdesk software – Re:amaze is an excellent choice.

The second step is implementing it into your online store.

The third most important one is compiling a team of live chat agents that would be on the front lines, dealing with issues your customers might have.

We’ve grown with Reamaze from just 1 operator to almost 30 now.

We joined because of the simplicity and stayed for how they continue to execute on new stuff.



There are two possibilities when it comes to hiring live chat agents – you can either hire in-house or outsource.

Advantages of going for the latter option — hiring outsourced live chat agents is much more efficient and economical. Our team of agents is highly trained and experienced in using different tools and software and can start working as a part of your company in no time.

How it works

We can help you out with the whole setup of Re:amaze:

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Connect an email channel

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Invite new staff

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Connect your social media channels

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Implement autoresponders

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Add response templates

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Integrate with other necessary apps

Need someone to take care of live chat implementation and management?

Let’s work together to rid the world of bad customer experiences.