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Trust our team of Zendesk experts to help you with setting up and managing your Zendesk account.

Set your business up for success and predictable growth by investing in live chat and customer service.
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Zendesk + LTVplus CSRs = Business Growth

Chat and Ticketing Tool

Don’t miss another opportunity to engage with your website users. Zendesk’s chat platform is easy to set up and is rich with features that will make chatting with customers seamless. Flexible ticket management with automated workflows will help with multiple chat inquiries.

Your CSRs are able to add additional information about the customer right in the chat window and tag the conversation for easy filtering and reporting.
Transferring conversations between departments is another one of the awesome features of Zendesk, enabling live chat agents to quickly handover qualified leads to the sales department.

Self-service portal

Zendesk enables you to build dynamic support portals with self-help resources. These portals can help customer service representatives provide the right answers by referring customers to your Zendesk knowledge base, and also suggest answers based on your customer questions.

Aside from the portal, clients also have an opportunity to engage in conversations with other customers in your brand’s community forum.

Zendesk Message

Engage with your customers where it suits them best. Zendesk’s Message feature enables CSRs to get in touch and chat with clients on their favorite messaging apps – like Facebook, LINE, and Apple Business Chat beta.

Reporting and Analytics

Track engagement and conversations in real-time with the Monitoring option. These real-time metrics will show you chat volume, visitor experience, and CSR performance.Analytics displays a series of reports, giving you an overview of your chat and CSR activity. Having knowledge of this data can help you with optimizing customer service efforts and strategies, resulting in efficient workflow and business growth.

Teaming up with LTVplus Live Chat & Customer Service Team

Our highly-trained and experienced CSRs know their way around Zendesk. They can easily jump in if you already have an account, or our Zendesk experts can help you with setting up from scratch.

How it works

We take care of your Zendesk every step of the way:

Set up your account by adding

  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Departments
  • Canned responses
  • Triggers for auto messages
  • Conversion goals

Create content for your knowledge-base

  • FAQs
  • Guides

Create automated reports that capture key metrics

Connect social media profiles with your Zendesk account

Provide 24/7 live chat and support coverage for your website

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