39 Gorgias Integrations to Make the Best Use of the Platform

Gorgias Integrations

Gorgias is a helpdesk used by eCommerce customer service teams to manage all of their tasks in one place. If you use Gorgias, your customer support team will be able to give your customers a great experience across multiple channels of communication.

With this tool, you get all the necessary information about customers without ever leaving your app.

But even though Gorgias is a great platform on its own, you need to integrate it with other apps if you want to use its full potential. Below we listed the apps that are perfect contenders for integration with Gorgias.


Even though Gorgias is of great value by itself for your eCommerce business, integrating it with certain apps will really help boost your store. Below is a list of the apps that are going to make a great change for your business if you choose to integrate them with Gorgias.


shopify logo svg

Shopify is an easy-to-use eCommerce platform that allows you to set up an online store. It’s one of the most popular platforms and it currently powers more than 800,000 stores. On Shopify, you can sell everything from physical products to services and everything in between.

The benefits of integrating Shopify with Gorgias are bountiful:

  • Perform Shopify actions such as editing, duplicating, refunding and canceling orders, all from one screen.
  • Have a complete profile on the customer who contacts you as soon as you receive a message.
  • Use macros and workflows to automate common questions. Customers will get instant replies to questions such as “Where is my order?” as those requests are easily automated with Shopify.
  • Use customer data to prioritize tickets.

Shopify Plus

shopify plus logo svg

Shopify plus is a state of the art eCommerce platform that caters to high-volume enterprise brands. It is a fully hosted, next-generation platform that is constantly monitored and updated to provide its users with a reliable experience. It’s also much faster than traditional eCommerce platforms.

The benefits of integrating Shopify plus with Gorgias include:

  • Better on-site checkout experience with a custom checkout, enabled address auto-complete and custom fields.
  • Faster API calls and a wider selection of APIs, such as discounts, gift cards, and adjustments.


recharge logo svg

ReCharge is a Shopify recurring billing app that was created specifically for stores with physical subscription products. Even if you are using a different platform, when you start using ReCharge, the app will continue to track your stock counts. 

It also allows you to control how often and on which days a customer is charged. 

The benefits of integrating ReCharge with Gorgias are the following:

  • View your customer’s profile and history of purchases so you can provide the most relevant support. All of the necessary information will be displayed right next to the customer’s request.
  • Combine customer information with canned responses to give your customers automatized and personalized replies.
  • Cancel your customer’s subscriptions with just one click from your helpdesk while still addressing their request, without ever switching to ReCharge.


postscript logo

Postscript is an SMS marketing software for growing eCommerce stores. When you enable this integration, Postscript can create SMS tickets, and your support agents will be able to reply to them in the Gorgias interface. For every ticket that is closed in Gorgias, its history will be removed from Postscript as well.

These are the benefits of integrating Postscript with Gorgias:

  • Grow your SMS subscriber lists for text message marketing with the use of links, landing pages, pop-ups, and more.
  • Create targeted text marketing campaigns and have two-way conversations with your customers.
  • Compose personalized SMS marketing campaigns that will drive traffic and sales
  • Send out default text marketing automated messages such as welcome series, shipping notifications and loyalty offers.

Chanel Reply

Channel Reply logo svg

Channel Reply is an app that allows you to manage Amazon and eBay customer service messages straight from Zendesk or Desk. There’s no need to respond to every message from all of your retail channels individually, as Channel Reply gives you all the information you need directly in your Zendesk dashboard.

Two main benefits of integrating Chanel Reply with Gorgias are:

  • Access to all threaded conversations with your Amazon and eBay customers.
  • Ability to reply to all of your Amazon and eBay inquiries from Gorgias.

VL Omni

VL Omni logo

VL Omni is a tool that allows you to respond to Amazon inquiries from Gorgias. When you receive an inquiry, Gorgias will create a ticket for it and provide you with order information right next to it. This app will seamlessly move data though your infrastructure as your company grows.

The benefits of integrating VL Omni with Gorgias include:

  • It allows you to deliver on customer demands without wasting resources on manual processes.
  • It fully integrates and automates your key workflows among applications.

Support channels

You can’t provide customer support without good support channels, and the channels you choose need to be trustworthy and high-quality. Here are some of the best support channels that work even better when integrated with Gorgias.


gmail logo svg

As we all know, Gmail is Google’s free email service and it’s used by approximately 1.5 billion people monthly. It is a very popular webmail client that automatically sorts all of your mail into five tabs that users can customize. It takes into account how its users categorize their mail, and uses that information to determine how to filter future emails.

The benefits of integrating Gmail with Gorgias are the following:

  • The emails you send from your Gmail account will appear in Gorgias and vice versa.
  • You can immediately import the last 1000 emails from your Gmail account into Gorgias.

Facebook Comments

Facebook Logo svg

With a Facebook comments plugin on your website, your customers will be able to leave comments from their Facebook profile. The plugin also comes with built-in moderation tools and social relevance ranking.

Integrating Facebook comments with Gorgias means that you can:

  • Instantly reply to Facebook comment threads from Gorgias without switching back to your Facebook account.
  • Sort, tag and assign a ticket to those Facebook comments according to attributes and topics.
  • Get customer information and order details next to your Facebook comment tickets so you can provide accurate answers to those comments.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Logo

Facebook Messenger is a free mobile instant messaging app that is separate to Facebook, but users can still set up their account through their Facebook account. Its main functions include instant messaging, live video chat, photo and video sharing, as well as the ability to record voice messages.

The benefits of integrating Facebook Messenger with Gorgias include:

  • Instantly reply to messages from Facebook without switching back to your Facebook account.
  • Use Facebook Messenger’s helpdesk features to reply to customers and assign tickets to their messages.
  • Get customer information and order details next to their messages


Instagram logo svg

Instagram is one of the most popular and fastest-growing social media platforms with over 1 billion monthly users. It’s an online photo-sharing service that supports video as well, and it is used by people of all ages. Not only does it have personal accounts, but companies open business accounts on Instagram as well.

Integrating Instagram with Gorgias will give you the following benefits:

  • Gorgias matches your customer’s profiles with their Instagram profiles and provides customer information next to your Instagram tickets.
  • You will be able to send automatic replies to frequently asked and recurring questions.

Live Chat

gorgias live chat logo

Live Chat is a customer service and sales tool that enables instant communication between your website visitors and your personnel. All visitors need to do is click the “Live Help” button, and they will be connected with a representative who will be able to assist them and answer any question they have.

These are the benefits of integrating live chat with Gorgias:

  • Boost your conversion rates and increase sales by providing live customer service.
  • The email capture prompt that allows you to follow up on website visitors even if you’re offline.
  • Prompt chat messages while website visitors are on specific pages to initiate conversation.


aircall logo svg

Aircall is an advanced call center software that gives its clients a localized phone presence. The tool is a cloud phone system as well as a call center software tool that makes customer support over the phone easier than ever thanks to many useful features and extensions.

Take a look at the list of benefits of integrating Aircall with Gorgias:

  • When a customer calls you, Aircall will create a ticket in Gorgias and then match it with the corresponding customer.
  • Your team will have a complete timeline of previous interactions with every customer.
  • You will have access to omnichannel statistics so you can know which channel of communication your customers use the most.


smooch logo

Smooch is an omnichannel platform that connects your software to a wide range of different messaging channels. It also comes with a mobile software development kit that allows in-app messaging as well as integration with other messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Twitter Direct Messages.

The benefits of integrating Smooch with Gorgias are the following:

  • Easy setup that allows you to connect to Smooch effortlessly.
  • More convenient way to engage with customers straight from your website.


ottspott logo svg

Ottspott is a telephone system that allows you to make and receive phone calls, which was made primarily for small businesses. This software allows you to synchronize calls, voicemails, call recording files, and missed call logs. Even though it’s used mostly by small businesses, any number of people can use it.

Here are the benefits of integrating Ottspott with Gorgias:

  • When a customer uses Ottspott to call your company, it will automatically create a ticket in Gorgias and match it with the customer who is calling.
  • Your team will be able to see all previous conversations with each individual customer.


manychat logo svg

ManyChat is a service that you can use to create chatbots on Facebook Messenger and thus boost conversion rates. There’s no coding needed, and you can set up your ManyChat in just a few minutes. It also has multiple membership tiers, a simple user interface and a wide range of messaging options.

These are the three main benefits of integrating ManyChat with Gorgias:

  • Reply to all of your customer requests from one place.
  • Reply to customer inquiries easier than before and boost cart conversion.
  • Advertise to your customers based on their profile and purchase history.

Octane AI

Octane AI logo svg

Octane AI is a real-time eCommerce marketing platform that enables companies to use Facebook Messenger and SMS to run marketing campaigns. It also comes with useful tools that can help with customer acquisition and customer support, as well as advertising, retargeting, and automation.

These are the main benefits of integrating Octane AI with Gorgias:

  • Integration is an easy process and Octane AI works straight out of the box when you connect it with your Gorgias account.
  • When a customer clicks on quick replies, it won’t open a ticket in Gorgias, but it will open it when a customer manually types in their message.


shopmessage logo svg

ShopMessage is a full-service marketing automation platform that tracks events on your website and then uses the information about those events to send messages through your Facebook page. This platform allows you to have two-way conversations with your customers over Facebook Messenger at the right time for the customer.

The benefits of integrating ShopMessage with Gorgias include:

  • Quick replies won’t open a new ticket, but as soon as the customer types in their message manually, a ticket will be opened in Gorgias.
  • The platform offers automated flows such as welcome messages, order confirmations, and thank you messages.


emotive logo svg

If you don’t want customers to leave your website without purchasing anything, you need to use Emotive. Emotive is an SMS marketing platform that learns the needs and wants of your customers so it can hyper-personalize lead engagement. It scales emotionally intelligent relationships so you can have a high response and click-through rates.

Below are the benefits of integrating Emotive with Gorgias:

  • Emotive collects leads straight from your website and engages them in conversation.
  • The platform understands the customers and their problems on a deeper level, so it can pinpoint recommendations.
  • When agents respond to an SMS ticket in the Gorgias interface, the same SMS number that was used for the initial message will send out the reply.

Retention Rocket

retention rocket logo

Retention Rocket is an omnichannel marketing platform that was designed to make retention marketing simpler than ever. It uses a continuously learning data-driven approach to send customers the right message at the right time through the right channel so your company can increase the revenue.

The main benefit of integrating Retention Rocket with Gorgias is the ability to respond to all Retention Rocket SMS conversations straight from Gorgias.


Attentive logo

Attentive is a personalized mobile messaging platform for eCommerce businesses that ensures your customers get the best possible customer support. Attentive allows your shoppers to confirm whether or not they want assistance, but only if you enable Support Confirmation.

The benefits of integrating Attentive with Gorgias include:

  • If you enable Support Confirmation, some messages will be filtered and you will reduce the number of needles tickets.
  • Customers can use keywords to confirm they want to be connected to a representative and they will receive a message their request has been submitted.

Business apps

Finally, here is a list of apps that help you run your store and focus on making your company a better and more organized place for yourself, your workers, and your customers. Integrate these apps with Gorgias so your business can reach its full potential.


helpdocs logo svg

HelpDocs is a reliable solution that has all the necessary tools you need to create the perfect knowledge base with information your customers need. This tool gives you complete control over your knowledge base and allows you to configure and define what your articles will look like.

The benefits of integrating HelpDocs with Gorgias include:

  • Create helpful articles with rich content that will reduce your support team’s workload.
  • Add contact forms straight to your knowledge base that will be used to create email tickets.
  • Add Gorgias live chat to your knowledge base.


recart logo svg

Recart provides a solution to one of the biggest problems eCommerce stores face – cart abandonment. This app focuses on bringing customers back to the items they abandoned and leads them through the checkout process.

This is a list of benefits of integrating Recart with Gorgias:

  • Send welcome messages and promotions to your customers to build a strong relationship with them.
  • Follow your customers through every stage of their journey, and give them a nudge in the right direction if they seem to forget about the products they want.
  • Use integrations for push notifications and popups to capture your audience’s attention.


segment logo

Segment is an API that allows companies to gather all of the analytics data they have on their website, and then streamline it to the matching analytics platform. It’s a very powerful tool, but it’s also user-friendly and it allows its users to better understand and manage their data.

The benefits of integrating Segment with Gorgias are:

  • Sending data about your tickets so you can see what customers generated the most revenue.
  • Easy integration of administration of all analytic tools without ever accessing the system.


slack logo svg

Slack is a messaging app that was built for modern teams and companies. It allows instant, real-time communication between team members. On Slack, you can send instant messages, but also share files, archive and search, all in one online location. It can be accessed from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

The main benefit of integrating Slack with Gorgias is that you can post a notification to a Slack channel whenever a new ticket gets created.


zapier logo svg

Zapier is an online platform that automates your workflows by connecting various different apps together. It moves information between these apps easily and automatically, which allows users to focus on more important tasks. Zapier aims to give people as much free time as possible by delegating tasks to computers.

The benefit of integrating Zapier with Gorgias is that, whenever a ticket is created and/or updated, Zapier will trigger a zap.


yotpo logo

Yotpo is an eCommerce marketing platform that will help your company accelerate direct-to-customer growth. It uses a single-platform approach that integrates data-driven solutions for SMS marketing, reviews, loyalty, and other aspects of your business. The platform is also integrated with tools such as Instagram, Google, and top eCommerce platforms.

These are the main three benefits of integrating Yotpo with Gorgias:

  • The process of linking product reviews and support tickets will become simpler than ever.
  • You will be able to respond to Yotpo reviews under a certain rating.
  • Yotpo will pick up any negative words in customer reviews with its profanity detectors.


smile.io logo svg

Smile.io is a reward program provider that helps you launch VIP and referral programs and points all on one single platform. In just a few clicks, you will be able to create a customizable rewards program that is unique to your company and is sure to attract your customers’ attention.

The benefits of integrating Smile.io with Gorgias include:

  • You can view and edit your customer’s loyalty points from your helpdesk.
  • You can allocate a customer’s loyalty points while you are interacting with them.


gorgias http integration logo

As you probably know, HyperText Transfer Protocol, better known as HTTP, is the underlying protocol the world wide web uses to define how to format and transmit messages. This protocol is stateless, which means that every command is executed independently, without any knowledge of the previous command.

The benefits of integrating HTTP with Gorgias are the following:

  • Connect any third-party app to Gorgias, as long as it has an API.
  • Access customer data from a third-party to get more information about a user.
  • Create or update a ticket in a third-party app with only one action.


okendo logo svg

Okendo is a customer marketing app that is perfect for high-growth Shopify retailers. It allows your customers to leave great reviews on your website. You can also capture your customers’ ratings, comment and reviews, as well as profiles, photos and videos, and showcase them.

The main two benefits of integrating Okendo with Gorgias are:

  • You can set rules that determine when a ticket will be created. For instance, when a customer leaves a negative review, a ticket will be triggered.
  • When a ticket is triggered, it will also show the review so your team can have all the information they need to solve the issue right away.


Stamped logo svg

Stamped is a software platform that collects user-generated content such as reviews. Shopify merchants use this platform to encourage their customers to leave a review after they’ve completed a purchase. They usually motivate them with special coupons and discounts that give customers the incentive to shop again.

The main benefit of integrating Stamped with Gorgias is that you can show the customer’s most recent product review next to their tickets.


smsbump logo

SMSBump is an SMS marketing platform and automation app designed for Shopify merchants. It allows its user to create SMS and MMS marketing campaigns in just a few seconds and track results. It also allows you to create SMS flows that you can set up and let them run your business for you.

By integrating SMSBump with Gorgias, you will see that:

  • SMS tickets will be created inside Gorgias.
  • When your agents use the Gorgias interface to respond to SMS messages, the response will be sent from the same number as the initial message.


omnisend logo svg

Omnisend is an eCommerce marketing automation platform that has great marketing tools, powerful data capturing and a user-friendly content editor. This platform can help you build campaigns in a short amount of time thanks to ready-to-use templates, as well as personalize your eCommerce marketing.

The benefits of integrating Omnisend with Gorgias include:

  • Segment your customers based on customer feedback.
  • Assign customer tags you will use for customer segmentation.
  • Remove low-scoring customers from campaigns. 


As you can see, we have listed quite a lot of available Gorgias integrations, but you may not need all of them to run your business efficiently. As long as you choose a few tools from each category that fit your business, you will see obvious benefits.

It is not enough to use separate tools anymore, but you need to integrate them to get the most benefits. Try integrating these tools with Gorgias and you will see how much your business will improve.

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