How to Increase Sales for E-Commerce Brands with Live Chat

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It can be easy for businesses to fool themselves into only investing in their product. But the truth is, a strong focus on high-quality customer service should be a top priority. 

Not only can a robust customer service plan help establish your brand authority, but it can also build long-term customer loyalty to maximize your return on investment (ROI). 

In a 2019 research report, Forrester found that increasing customer retention by just 5% had the potential to drive profits by upwards of 95%. That’s because loyal customers offer steady, predictable revenue while being more likely to purchase additional services.

Contact centers are profit hubs, not dead cost. 

That’s been consistent with our experience, too. We’ve already talked about how businesses can transform their customer service centers into revenue generators. As a refresher, businesses should invest in omnichannel customer service and automate some of the support. 

But what’s the most effective way for a business to support their customers if they lack the resources to take a full omnichannel approach?

Let’s explore how live chat is becoming the new staple for e-commerce brands worldwide. 

How to increases sales for e-commerce brands with live chat

1. Exceed rising customer expectations

According to LiveChat’s 2018 survey, the demand for live chat has increased substantially over the past few years. Businesses reported a total of 437 million chats in 2018, which is about a 31% increase from 334 million in 2017.

Other key benchmarks to include:

  • The average customer satisfaction rate for chats is at around 82%.
  • It takes nearly 1 minute (48 seconds) for an agent to respond to the first message.
  • Chat tickets take just over 11 minutes to resolve.

These numbers make sense, considering how live chat allows customers to get relatively quick service for simple to complex problems.

Take a look at this graph from Econsultancy on why customers prefer live chat over other service channels. 

At 79%, customers overwhelmingly appreciated that they were able to get questions answered quickly, while 51% enjoyed being able to multitask. About 46% of respondents believed that live chat was the most efficient communication method.

Whatever the reason, e-commerce businesses need to invest in live chat if they’re going to meet growing customer expectations.

Aim to exceed average customer satisfaction rates by focusing on quick initial responses and real-time problem resolution. One common way of doing this is introducing chat automation to handle simple tasks while reserving complex issues for human agents.

2. Integrate your live chat and CRM to leverage sales data

You’ll have a hard time understanding how your customer support efforts affect your revenue if you aren’t actively tracking your data. If you’re already tracking customer-related information through a third-party CRM, leveraging your live chat data can help generate new insights.

Both Salesforce and HubSpot offer live chat integration, which allows businesses to:

  • Create leads and contacts based on chats/chat archives
  • Pull lead information directly in live chat
  • Automatically update customer information after chat sessions 
  • Record a customer’s buying history to predict future sales opportunities

That information is critical for identifying, nurturing, and closing leads. Live chat tools often include a chat “wrap-up” feature, which allows customer support agents to tag chat sessions with necessary follow-ups.

For example, if a site visitor has a question about a product but doesn’t make a purchase, an agent can tag that person as a potential lead. After a few days, the agent would re-engage the person to remind them of their interest in the product as a sales opportunity. That could be in the form of an automated email or through an interactive live chat prompt to close the sale.

3. Prepare to go mobile with live chat

As smartphone usage continues to rise, more and more customers expect to have a seamless user experience when accessing a site on their mobile devices.

This fact is as true for your e-commerce site as it is for your live chat functionality. After all, nearly 52% of chat queries (over 23 million chats) in Comm100’s 2019 Live Chat Benchmark Report came from a mobile device in 2018.

Investing in your live chat’s mobile experience can go a long way to improving your customers’ experience. Focus on live chat features like:

  • Mobile-optimized canned responses to smooth customer interaction
  • File-sharing capabilities so that customers can send photos, documents, and other data to better explain issues
  • Notifications or other message alerts so that customers can easily continue browsing while waiting for responses
  • Mobile software development kits (SDKs) to ensure a seamless experience, regardless of the device’s operating system

Live chat can help e-commerce businesses grow

Live chat is no longer a luxury; it’s a must-have for e-commerce businesses looking to boost their sales. Having fast response times, integrating your chat with your CRM data, and improving your chat’s mobile experience is crucial to making the cut.

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