Recover more than 20% of Abandoned Carts with LTVplus’ Cart Abandonment Recovery Service

Increase your revenue by getting the lost sales back into your online store.

Keep those customers that are most likely to buy from you. We help you win back losses due to cart abandonment faster than anything you’ve ever tried.

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Recovery Rate for Abandoned Carts

Recover more abandoned carts with human agents

Get a team of dedicated specialists who engage with your shoppers to recover sales. By interacting and helping shoppers through text, we convert sales that would otherwise be lost.

LTVplus cart abandonment recovery

Win back lost sales and grow your ecommerce business. We’ll recover your abandoned carts for you.

We follow up with your customers on your behalf. This gives us opportunities to respond to customer questions in real-time to convert your abandoned carts into new sales.

We create evangelists from your previously lost customers.

How it works

We charge a flat fee without commission.

LTVplus Book a consultation with our team

We get on a call with you to understand:

  • Your company’s vision, mission, and values
  • The talent and technologies you need
  • Your budget
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2. Assign Specialist

We assign a Cart Abandonment Recovery Specialist that understands your industry and can best represent your brand.

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3. Integrate with your business

We get access to the tools required for communication, payment recovery and performance tracking.

LTVplus start building and training your CX team

4. Collect customer feedback

We collect and organize customer feedback so you know why customers abandon carts and optimize your business.

LTVplus optimize your team’s performance.

5. Recover lost revenue

We recover abandoned carts, build relationships, and recover lost revenue to help you grow your eCommerce business.

Recover abandoned carts to grow your ecommerce business.

Schedule a call with us today. Have our Specialist help you with cart abandonment recovery.